Monday, April 30, 2012

The Orchid Lady

I decided to take a break today from High Point Market Post and introduce you to an amazing lady I had the honor of meeting recently.  Her name is Pamela Lovett, but I am going to call her "The Orchid Lady".  Pamela is multi talented.  She has worked as an interior designer in Florida, painter of decorative finishes and angels.   Pamela also has a beautiful home and collection of lovely things.  She and her husband are parents  to six beautiful children.  She lives here in Charlotte, so if you need beautiful orchid arrangements she is the person to know!  She has many ready made arrangements but can custom make arrangements.  Pamela is a little dynamo.  If you met her on the street you would never guess the creativity and beauty that abound in her home.  Get ready to be amazed....

A feast for the eyes! When you enter the foyer you are immediately greeted by this beautiful shell encrusted console with a rusty tin container filled with orchids and greenery.  The day I was there the entire house was filled with music and light.  

Painting three angels by Pamela's friend Jana Mullin.  

I couldn't resist this bromeliad with fuchsia orchids in a silver leaf container. 

Her home is so beautiful.  The living room is painted an ethereal
 tiffany blue with lots of white.  Everywhere you look there is something worthy of
conversation.  Pamela painted the angel painting on the left wall.  

Close up of angel painting...

Another view of the living room. Beautiful painting oner the mantle...

Another view...

Close up of the orchid on the coffee table.  I loved the large piece of wood in front of the fireplace with the moss and succulents tucked through the holes.  

Her grande whites are magnificent.  She guarantees them for 90 days...

On either side of the fireplace is a silver leaf mirror with an orchid in 
an outdoor container placed in front.  

 Every corner is filled with eye candy!

On the opposite wall from the fireplace is this beautiful shell mirror.  

Pamela also has very dramatic Christian art like this breath taking picture of Jesus
 holding a lamb.  The orange outline makes the painting come alive.  
You can feel the electricity in the painting.  

Close up of the orchid on the coffee table in front of the painting of Jesus.

Orchids in the hallway...

A "Ralph Lauren-esque" room filled with orchids.  

Left side of the room features an antique gold mirror and two alcoves with art

Better view of the mirror with paintings of dancers on the hearth..

one of the niches on the right side of the fireplace...

Pamela's collection of blue and white porcelain is placed in the opposite wall's shelving.

More beautiful orchids.  Don't you love the containers?  She uses very
special containers for all of her arrangements.

A closeup of the graceful swan arrangement...


Va va voom....the coffeetable arrangement!  Orchids, bromeliads, and other greenery in an antique wooden crate!  Yes, please....


Another view.... breath taking....yes?

How cool is this arrangement in the dining room?
Ok, so this was the point, where I realized I was really in trouble....
How could I leave without taking several?  It was like they were all orphans and I was Mother Theresa...of course they needed to come home with me!

Three stately orchids she made for the Room to Bloom event that featured
Celerie Kemble at the Mint Museum

A lovely basketful of orchids with moss...

Gorgeous white in silver bowl...are you spying that killer table?

This was another favorite.  Who can't resist a basketful of orchid love with
 succulents around the base?

This is the beauty I got for a friend.... love, love the container!
Do you see the beautiful tile wall in the background?  Yes, I am slayed!

The breakfast room with birds at one end, killer cupboard, and table with upholstered chairs.
Opposite this wall, is a chalkboard painted wall, where the entire family leaves messages.

View from the kitchen into the family room...He is watching...

This painting is amazing.  It was done at an event Pamela held at her house where a gospel choir sang and an artist painted.  No one knew till he painted the eyes what he was painting.  I will have to find out the artist's name.  You can feel him staring at you...

I am the proud new owner of this beauty....

Meet the lovely lady who is responsible for all this beauty....

I hope you enjoyed meeting Pamela.  If you need orchids please email me and I will give you her information.  She has orchid shows in her home so if you want to get on the list let me know.  I promise you will feel the beauty of creating among the walls of her home! 
It must be a little like being in the Garden of Eden!

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  1. So beautiful Lisa!

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. So, so lovely!! She is so gifted obviously!
    This also reminded me that I have a swan planter tucked away! You can bet that thing will be filled with orchids next week! (-;
    Happy Blogging! Edna


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