Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do You Tango?

1. "Seasons" by Yellena James


2. "Pale Teal Seas" by Frances Seward

I hate to admit it, but I was actually a little bummed when tangerine tango became the  "2012 Pantone color of the year".   I have always thought of orange as "my signature" color, because I have been wearing it and decorating with it when it wasn't consider the "in" color.  Until recently, the only people who wore any shade of orange were Auburn, Clemson or Tennessee  fans.  Now that the attention is on tangerine, everybody is in on the secret of how great orange is.  From the fashion runways to interiors, it's everywhere.  Tangerine is not just orange though.  It is an orange with a little fiery red and yellow mixed in.  As a matter of fact, you can feel the fire and vibrance it brings to a room or an outfit.  It can be the star, when painted on a focal wall in a room or play a strong supporting role, when used as an accent accessory.   Tangerine works with lots of color combos.  Its also really great simply paired with white or cream.  My personal favorite is a neutral palette with tangerine and  turquoise or aqua accents.   ...What is your favorite colors paired with tangerine?  If you would like to see more tangerine options, check out my "tangerine tango" Pinterest Board by clicking here.  

Make sure you check out the awesome resources above! 

1.  "Season"  by Portland, Oregon artist, Yellena James is actually on the set of Modern Family.  I love her work.  She has many other great pieces in her Etsy Shop Drawings and Painting by Yellena  

2. "Pale Teal Seas" by Sante Fe, NM artist, Frances Seward.  Her Etsy shop is FrancesPhotography

3.  littala "Korento" dinnerware designed by Klaus Haapaniemi available at Bloomingdales

4. & 5.  Ikat Napkins and pillow by Sheridan French Home

Are you a fan of tangerine tango?  Did you like it before it became a star?

 ...What is your favorite color combos paired with tangerine?  

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  1. One of my favorite combinations. My daughter just did her playroom in orange and turquoise and it is so fun!! We tagged you today -- when you get a chance, stop by ~

    1. OH! I can't wait to participate!!!! Thank you for including me! I have a birthday party at 7 and I want to stay here and take care of my tag but guess I have to do it when I get home tonight!!! Thanks!

  2. Bashfully, I admit I've warmed up to orange only the last few years. I really like those examples.

    Can we still be friends?


  3. Lisa! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. You have an amazing eye and I really enjoyed all the inspiration here in your posts!! I just bought some IKAT patterend pillows for my office chairs similar to the ones you posted today! CUTE!

    Definitely following you and would love a follow back!


    holly foxen wells

  4. Thank you so much for including my pale teal seas!


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