Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Put a Skirt On It...





  Being an Interior Design was my second profession.  My first degree was apparel design.  I really don't know which I love more, fashion design or interior design. I am constantly thinking of interiors in a fashion sense.  It's all about the layers and editing in both areas of design.  Have you ever thought about how decorating a room is similar to putting a great outfit together? The elements that make an outfit that make the outfit a showstopper can be recreated in a room.   For instance, dressing a chair or a sofa with a slipcover can give a piece of furniture that same sassy feel we get when we wear a skirt.    A slipcover like a skirt, can be short, long, pleated, ruffled, gathered or box pleated.   It can be shabby chic, contemporary, dressy, casual or many other looks.    A slipcover can totally change the look of a chair from boring to dynamic.  Add a ruffle and it sweetens the look for a child's room.  Slipcovers make caring for furniture so simple.   If you have children or pets, it is so easy to peel off and pop in the wash if an accident occurs.   In my projects, I often choose slipcovered furniture for my clients because of their versatility.  I typically purchase two slipcovers, one darker for fall/winter and another lighter one for spring/summer.  When the client wants a change we can simply order a new slipcover.   I prefer custom slipcovers made by my workroom or ordered from the custom furniture line, but if you prefer ready mades, many options are available.  When you custom order a slipcover you can add many details like  details on garments.  I like to add a contrasting band on the bottom of a chair or trim on a sofa.  A monogram is nice to add to the host and hostess chairs in a dining room.  Of course you can buy pre made slipcovers and dress them up with trims, paint or banding as well.  Below I have listed furniture lines and slipcover options available at retail or to order online.  How much do you like slipcovers?  Have you ever thought of slipcovering all your furniture in white to give your room a totally different look?  I'm thinking I might need to do a little slipcovering at my house!  It's time to lighten up the house for spring!

If you would like to see more slipcover options or to 
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 Furniture lines with slipcovered Furniture:

Places to buy slipcovers or furniture that is slipcovered:
Ikea (there is even a company who makes slipcovers for Ikea chairs -click here)

Tutorial for Slipcovers Made from Drop cloths Click Here
Circle skirt tutorial click here & here
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  1. I was just on a new site yesterday that makes very inexpensive slipcovers for tables and chairs so one can create an instant chic to throw a dinner party or create a delightful desk - It was titled "joyus" - I will have to locate the site for you~
    great images Lisa, My background is fashion and I still design seasonally and I always think seasonally....slip covers say hello summer to me.....

    1. Patricia, you could write this post better than I. Your background in fashion is far more impressive than mine! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. GREAT post. I own you an email... and more comments... but it is 12:30 and I am going to bed! Just had to pop a comment on this fun post o' yours!


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