Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift...Tommy Mitchell Company in High Point April 2012

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!
Beautiful handmade toleware botanicals!

Detailed specimens available in many colors

Also in whites and golds ...
Available in pots, urns or the customer's own containers

Here are  white flowers with greenery...

Dramatic palm trees that climb the walls all the way to the ceiling
are available in gold or colors as well

Stately plants awaiting placement in just the right spot!
These two are available through Bergdorf Goodman

Life like specimens that even I can't kill...

I happened upon Tommy Miller's booth as I was leaving market last week in High Point.  His wife, Marty, was manning their show space alone and spoke to me as I walked by.  Marty caught my eye, because she still looked fresh and was pleasant, which is amazing on the last day of show at the eleventh hour.  You would have thought it was the first day of the show and I was the first buyer.  She excitedly shared her husband's work and explained every detail to me.   At first, I thought, wow!  I have really found something here!  I can't wait to share with the world!  After further conversation with my new sweet  friend, I discovered that I was late to the party !  It seems Bunny Williams, Phoebe Howard and a host of other greats had discovered Tommy's work as well.   As we stood and chatted I had a hard time focusing on conversation for the temptation to look at every flower.  Simply exquisite and so lifelike!  Each flower is created from copper and tin then tediously hand painted and shaped to mimic the real flower.  Truly works of art.  My favorite kept changing as I walked around the booth.   It was really hard to leave without purchasing one.  Of course several varieties have been added to my wish list for future purchases.  To own something so beautiful, which will not die and lovingly made locally is too good to be true!  What more is there to want?  

 Eventually, Tommy strolled up and was as gracious and pleasant as his lovely wife.  
I wish I had taken a picture of Marty and Tommy, but here is one of Tommy...


 If you will remember my post on Mr and Mrs Howard on Friday, with this vignette?
Note the Tommy Mitchell Flowers on brackets above the sofa!

I truly wish my photography was better.  These pictures do not do this line justice.  
Click over to their website and see more here!  These would make great Mother's Day Gifts!
Stocking dealers are listed on The Tommy Mitchell Company website.
 If you have trouble finding them locally email me at  
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  1. Thank you for sharing these, Lisa. I love the tall gold and grayish pieces - quite amazingly created, they look perfect. I could see myself using the smaller ones, too.

    1. They are even prettier in person Lisa! I am in LOVE with them!

  2. A-mazing. I must put one of these on my wish list. The delicate little things....bless his heart.

    1. Somehow I missed thanking you for your comment here Patricia! You would love these. They are so sweet!

  3. Definitely on my wish list... love at first sight for sure!!! I think I remember seeing these in magazine room shots before and searching for them... and here they are! Did you get a catalog? I'd love to take a closer look at it if so. Bring it to the beach! (-;

    Loving your blog! Edna

    1. I did not get a catalog but they do have everything pretty much online. We should take a road trip to Chapel Hill to see them! She is adorable! These flowers are to die for! You would LOVE!

  4. Wow, Lisa, thank you for such a beautiful post!

    1. You were truly the highlight of my trip Marty! I wish I had a pic of you to share! I think next time I am coming to Chapel Hill I need to call you and come for a visit! I'll be my readers would love to see your house! I know it is beautiful! Think about it!!!


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