Monday, November 14, 2011

Tired of Tangled Chains and Earrings without a Mate?

I spent 10 minutes yesterday trying to find the lost mate to the earrings I wanted to wear to church.  Finally I gave up and put on the ones I had worn the night before just so I could head out the door on time.  Frustrated, I have decided I need to reorganize my jewelry.  My system seem to work for a while but then I kept adding pieces to it.  The additional pieces required additional space so this got me to thinking about other ways to organize my jewelry.

How is your jewelry organized?  Can you find things at a glance?
  My friend Paige made a creative jewelry display with an old frame and wire to keep her things organized.  She now has a great looking display and can find her jewelry quickly.  She said it made her realize that she doesn't need to buy any more silver chains.   Wow!  To know what you have and to be able to see it easily!  

This is the final product....


To make this awesome jewelry organizer, all you need is:

1. an old frame, any size, whatever size you want it to be!
2. spray paint, to paint the frame whatever color you want
3. screen wire, can be found at any hardware store
4.  staple gun to attach the wire to the back of the frame

Steps to make your organizer:
1. Spray paint your frame
2.  cut your screen wire to fit the back of the frame
3.  staple the wire into place on the back of the frame
4.  The sky is the limit!  You are only limited by your own imagination!  

Close up photo of display for earrings...


You can use the same idea for necklaces and you don't have to use the wire, just attach a board to the back and hammer nails or decorative hooks into the board to hang your necklaces...


You could also combine the two ideas to create an earring and necklace display all in one.  Its kinda like having your personal boutique at home....


Another great idea is to use pretty bowls or teacups and saucers,
 of course this takes up drawer space, but if you have it to spare...


If you want to be a little more elaborate use a really beautiful large frame and mount your necklaces or any items you want to display, I think this is actually the art in this room but you could do this with your statment pieces....

via Uncoeur en Provence

Don't you love how these necklaces become art 
when displayed this way?  Much better than tangled in a drawer...
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  1. Love the cute jewelry frame!
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