Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Introducing Tempaper! A New Concept for Your Walls...

 "The only thing permanent is change"
 -Tempaper's slogan


 I discovered an interesting new product at High Point Furniture Market last week called "Tempaper".  Tempaper is a self adhesive, re-positional wallpaper that comes in many contemporary patterns!   It was created by set designers, who were constantly changing things and wanted an easy fix.  Perfect for people who want wallpaper, but also want easy removal in case they change their minds or color schemes.  The adhesive is already on the back of the paper. Just peel off the back and apply.  Voila, you have a whole new look!    Also great for renters who aren't allowed to permanently alter their walls.  There is no residue or glue left behind once it is removed.  It isn't cheap but then if you are doing it yourself, you are saving labor costs.  All you really have to know is how to match patterns and seams.  There is "How to" video for those that need instruction: click here

Great on an accent wall as shown in the photo below:

 Here are some of my favorite patterns..

Marrakesh in Ruby Slate

Marrakesh in Honey Jade

Edie in bronze

Gio in silver

Here are a few more designs available...

There is a blank paper that can be applied to create an open canvas for "The Artist in Everyone" as seen below....

The greatest thing about Tempaper is that it isn't just for walls, it would be great for a spark of design and color on a ceiling, in a closet, kitchen cupboard or inside a wardrobe.......
Check it out and see what you think....

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  1. Awesome! What a great idea. It is almost like it was invented for bloggers who keep changing their minds about design :)

  2. I just came over from Sherri's blog and this is am amazing find!! Thanks so much for sharing!! We all change our mind to often!!

    Tiffany {living savvy}

  3. Love that idea, definitely great for changing it up.

  4. This is amazing. Hope the concept catches on. I think wall paper would be more popular.


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