Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thurston Reed Pillows

One of my favorite new pillow resources I discovered last High Point Market was Thurston Reed Pillows.  This incredible new product line was founded by Londoner Nicholas Reed and wife Sarah Thurston.  Nicholas's London heritage and Sarah's globally-honed design eye has produced a line that is not only beautiful but ethically sourced and individually crafted.  Meet Nicholas and Sarah!


This dynamic duo were so sweet to show me their line
 and explain the inspirations behind their pillows.  The fabrics
and designs are simply exquisite.
Their hope is that Thurston Reed will find a place of honour in your home, a spot that will always welcome you back whether you’re returning from across the world or just across town.

They have so many fabulous pillows but here are some of my favorites:



And last but certainly not least....I love the rhino pillows!!

The rhino pillows were a big hit with me.  I love the design, fabric and the fact that proceeds from the sale of these pillows actually help the rhinos!  Available in two sizes and many colors.  

A percentage of profits on the rhino pillows goes to support  Rhinos Without Borders, which is working to save the
 rhinos from the poaching crisis.

Click here to read about how Thurston Reed is partnering with
Rhinos without Borders

If you are in Atlanta this week make sure you stop by the Codarus showroom and say hi to Nicholas and Sarah and see their collection!  Or if you are going to the Las Vegas Market Jan 24-28 stop by Codarus and see them!

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