Saturday, December 6, 2014

What to Wear to Holiday Parties & A Tip for Holiday Shopping!

Do you struggle with what to wear to holiday parties?  What is your "go to" holiday attire?
Do you shop online for clothing?  I like to shop locally, but when time doesn't permit, I enjoy shopping at night when everyone is in bed.  It's comforting to know I have something coming in the mail,  in case I don't find something locally I like, or run out of time to shop altogether! 

 I typically opt for comfort and warmth over the skimpy party dress.   I'm not big on holiday sweaters or wearing red and green to holiday parties.   I will wear something sparkly like a top or skirt.  Here's a look I like for holiday parties.  It's simple and can be worn all fall and winter if you want to dress up, but can't stand the thought of a cocktail dress.

Love this look for holiday parties!  It's chic and simple!

Love these Kristin Cavallari Booties from Nordstrom

These booties are fabulous!  Great for kicking your outfit up a notch all
year long, not just for the holidays! 

So what about the casual holiday parties?  Do you wear red and green?
Do you wear holiday sweaters?  I can't tell you the last time I wore a 
holiday sweater, but last night I found this sweater and decided to 
create an outfit around it.  

Ok, so it isn't exactly a Christmas sweater, but it is actually the closest thing I would
 wear resembling a Christmas sweater.   It's fluffy like snow, ok?

Here is a similar one that isn't quite as expensive...

 If I was going to wear red or green, it would because of these shoes...

On the bottom.....

I love faux leather.  It's chic, warm and is a little more
exciting than plain jeans, but gives the same comfort.

How about these earrings....

Also, love this sweater by Alexander Wang

This might be the cutest thing I have found....

Tory Burch Wool Coat for Oliver....

Ok, so if you are invited to the "ugly Christmas Sweater" party,
what to do....

Here's a couple of ideas for the ugly Christmas sweater party dilemma!

However....if you are not the DIY and want to buy an ugly Christmas sweater, 
my go to is Amazon!  I love my Amazon Prime account. 

Haha!  These holiday sweaters are available through Amazon Prime
which means if you order it this morning, chances are good a package
 will be on your doorstep by Monday morning.

Do you shop on Amazon? Here is a list of todays deals on Amazon?  I love it!
  I signed up for their credit card so all I do is shop and order!  It's so easy!  I
 buy household productsoffice supplies and books all the time.

  I highly suggest shopping on Amazon!
Amazon a timesaver for sure especially during the holidays. 
Their bookstore gives all kinds of recommendations 
of great books for gifts too.

Happy Saturday!  Here's Wishing you Shopping Success!

Ok, so now I'm off to help with HopeMatch even though my tree 
isn't up and my house is a mess thanks to my husband who has
the heart of a servant.
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  1. Love! You are so great with fashion Lisa! And that puppy coat is adorable :) x Maria

    1. you are so kind Maria! Hope all is well with you? Happy Holidays!


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