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Pantone Color of The Year : Marsala

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It's official, with Pantone Marsala 18-1438 is their newly announced
color for Spring 2015.  I find this mildly odd for a spring color and a little unsettling 
to be honest.  I think of Spring colors as pastels or brights.  This color seems more like a fall color not a spring color.   Pantone's "Marsala" is slightly reddish-brown, rather than the oxblood tones we have seen in the fashion world, which I much prefer.  

I predict anything in the wine or burgundy color family could be considered an "on trend" color, but this washed out version of reddish-brown, not so much.  The color chip Pantone chose looks like burnt sienna with a touch of mauve to me or a watered down wine.  
I predict "Marsala" will be as short of a trend as last year's radiant orchid. 

  I have chuckled while reading comments about the announcement of Marsala on social media from my designer friends.  I see I am not alone in my quandary. The best description I have read was my friend Amanda Eck's description which was "the color of refried beans".

Will I paint a client's den or a study in Marsala?  The jury is still out on that one, because I never say never when it comes to projects.  Will Marsala be a "go to" color for most clients?  No!  I definitely would not suggest for anyone to buy a Marsala washer and dryer combo,  or a car for that matter!  Big ticket items don't belong in the "favor of the month" color tones. Egads as my friend Jason Oliver Nixon would retort!

Oddly enough, when I searched the internet for items in the Marsala family I didn't find much.  Most items fell into the burnt sienna, whiskey, burgunday or wine family and
almost all of them were already on sale!  What does that tell you? 

Oh well, I decided to play along anyway.  I have included a few items that 
fall into a category I would consider "Marsala-ish".


When Blake Lively wore this Gucci dress on the red carpet for the premiere of "Grace of Monoco" I swooned!    I don't have Blake Lively's body, so I probably wouldn't be so bold as to wear this dress, but the color, yes!  Is this not luscious?  Why didn't Pantone go a little deeper?  See this Pantone? Now this color is a winner!

Volcom Pullover
But noooo!!!! Pantone's color is more like this....However, this actually works for a man, I think?  What do you think?  Volcom's "burnt sienna" pullover would actually be nice for the man who wants to be "on trend" to wear with jeans. 


This cute sweater from the Gap might be a good place to add 
something "kinda" Marsala-ish to your wardrobe.


Now here is where I think Marsala can thrive....Leather goods!  Leather is a great place to pop Marsala for an updated look.  I love this Givenchy clutch from Net-a-porter.  Givenchy calls this color claret, but it definitely falls into the Marsala realm.  

Frye is on trend with the Phillips Boot called crushed red.

Sam Edelman "Penny" boots
I like these Sam Edelman "Penny" boots but the color is called "whiskey"
not Marsala.

Of course in my world, I prefer to go deeper and pick the Hunter Boots in burgundy.

Nail Polish:

OPI Lost on Lombard

A little more red than the Pantone color, but a pop of  OPI color  for your nails
would put you "on trend" without a big commitment.  Not so bad.

I personally much prefer a deeper wine color,  like "I Sing in Color"
from OPI's new Gwen Stefani collection.

Ok, so we discussed a few fashion options for what I call "Marsala-ish" items
that could possibly live in your wardrobe, now let's discuss the home. 
This color is chosen by Pantone because it is suppose to work universally
throughout the industry.  What about for the home?  Can it work there or
do we have to tweak it to make it work for the home?

Dining Room by Michael Coorengel/ Credits Via Elle Decor
I do adore the pop of "Marsala-esque" leather on this beautiful french chair
 and the same color reflected in the mural.   I think it is safe to say that a good place for "Marsala-esque" tones are in leather?Very handsome!  But wait, this really isn't the Marsala color Pantone introduced is it?    Of course, I think I am pulling color tones that are more vibrant than the Pantone color, but color is left up to interpretation through the eyes of the beholder and our computer screen, ne est-ce pas?

Old Hickory Tanner makes a beautiful leather sofa which I think is smashing
also in "Marsala-esque" color!

Reclaimer Sofa
Here's a tufted reclaimer sofa similar to the one above, but on 
sale, hmmmm!

Kilim cubes
I could see these cubes used in a cabin or lodge with great success.  The
ottomans color is more rusty though right?  No pinkish tone here.

  This dining room shown in Horchow is  definitely
 more in the clay family.  But handsome right? Can this count
 towards the Marsala trend?

I think Pantone had the right idea just got a little off track.  

So what paint colors fall into the Marsala bracket and would you paint a room
that color?

Sherwin - Williams SW - 6236 Henna Shade

Benjamin Moore 2172-40 Raspberry Parfait

Benjamin Moore 2172-40

Ok, so not my fave....I say go deeper or gone home Pantone!  I think we are all 
confused?  If it looks burnt sienna mauve-ish why is it called Marsala?  I think they
should have called it Sedonna Sky.  Ok, so I realize that there are varying colors being
shown as Marsala, will the "real" Marsala please stand up?  

In closing, I reserve the right to change my mind but currently the only place I can
see Marsala being used is for leather goods, nail polish, possibly an accent color or
on a long stretch possibly for tee shirts or sweaters.  Do I see it as a statement color
for interiors, no!  Do I see it as a color for big ticket items, no!  What do you think?

My prediction is this color will last about as long as a glass of wine,
with friends, during the holidays and that's a "New York MInute" friends!

(BTW, this color looks more like cider than wine!)

Enjoy your Friday!
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  1. Really? Is it 1992 again? I would think this is an April fool's joke if I did not know it's true.

    1. I'm with you Kerry, not my fave...but let's see what the experts do with it. haha! prob toss it out the door...yikes!

  2. I agree, this color needs a deeper richer tone to make it current and luxe!
    Not sure what they are thinking!!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Interesting HUH! LOL 1992 again! I think they trow a buch of colors in a hat and pick one!!!

  4. Yup! Had this color on home goods in the 90"s. Really think that Pantone missed the mark. My only place to use this color is in a flower arrangement!

  5. Only place for this color is in a flower arrangement!


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