Monday, December 22, 2014


My husband has a servant's heart.  He is always thinking of ways he can help others.  This year he became a board member of HopeMatch.  What is HopeMatch? HopeMatch is a local charity which serves families in need in the Charlotte area.  It started as a Christmas program but since has grown into much, much more.  

How does HopeMatch work?  This diagram explains it pretty well!

To become a family served by HopeMatch, one has to be nominated.  People cannot nominate themselves.  Once nominated, the family are chosen after careful screening.  Donors are matched to families and shop for the families.  Any family that is helped agrees to pay it forward by attending the Give Back event the next year to help wrap presents for new families being helped the following season.  HopeMatch served 123 families this year! 
We hope next year we will serve more with your help!!  

Interested in volunteering with HopeMatch?  Click Here
Interested in donating to HopeMatch?  Click Here
Interested in More Information?  Click Here

We need Bibles donated!

Want to donate Bibles to HopeMatch?  click here! 

We were so pleased with how HopeMatch was able to help families this year!
Thank you to our HopeMatch Sponsors!

Thank you to all who participated!  If you would like to contribute or participate
 next year please let us know!  

HOPEMatch is a 501(C)3 non-profit ministry. 
All monetary or gift donations are tax deductible. 
Donations may be made directly to HOPEmatch at:

PO Box 691051
Charlotte, NC 28227

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  1. Hi, Lisa - What a great charity! Thanks for the introduction. Giving back is something we can all do - especially this time of year. Warm greetings for a Merry Christmas. Cheers


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