Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yesterday, I received a big surprise in the mail.  It was a portrait of my dog, Oliver, painted by my friend and artist, Lesli DeVito!  I was so excited to receive this beautiful painting and know it will be a treasure for years to come.  Leslie captured him perfectly.  My photography doesn't do the painting justice.  The background looks dull grey here, but it is actually aqua which is my favorite color.   I don't know if you are an animal owner/lover like me, but I consider Oliver my 5th child so this is like getting a portrait of one of my children.  

Several months back Lesli and I had chatted about the possibility of having Oliver's portrait done but I had totally forgotten about our conversation.  Lesli didn't.  That's how Lesli rolls!  She is crazy talented and so generous with her talents. 

This was the picture I sent her to use as an inspiration for the portrait.  Did she capture him perfectly or what?  This photograph was taken at Christmas hence the red and green sweater.  

The painting is so life like that Oliver won't come near it.  He barks every time I show it to him.  I think he thinks it is a real dog!  

I tried to get a picture of Oliver this morning, but he wasn't the least bit interested.  This sideways photograph was the best angle I could capture. He is a scary little dog and runs whenever he sees my camera.   

Lesli has been a busy beaver.  Recently, Lesli participated in
Young House Love's Richmond show house.  You can see more
 photos of her work in the house here.

I love her abstract too!  Isn't this one fabulous?

 If you aren't familiar with Lesli's work make sure to check out her paintings here.  As you can see, Lesli's work isn't limited to pet portraits.  She can paint anything!!  

When I emailed Lesli yesterday to send her a quick "thank you", here's what
 she replied when I asked what she had been up to, 

"I am in the middle of the one of the most exciting and daunting jobs I have ever gotten, I was hired to do artwork for the NEW UVA Childrens hospital!! I doing HUGE pieces, like 60" x 48" and one triptych measuring 100" x 48" !!! Opening June 13!"u

See what I mean?  Totally amazing!  I hope you will contact Lesli for a painting!
I can attest your heart will skip a beat when it arrives!

Thank you Lesli for my late Mother's Day gift!  I'm choosing to think of it as that since every year an unexpected surprise arrives on my doorstep near Mother's Day!   
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  1. I love this post. Leslie is a wonderful artist, and the spirit of her work is happy.
    The Pet portrait is a great idea for Mother's Day. Very loving. I pinned your post and shared on FB.

    1. Thank you Deborah! You are so kind as is Lesli!


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