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Leontine Linens - Jane Scott Hodges: Linens: For Every Room and Occasion

Courtesy of Leontine Linens

Beautifully monogrammed linens become heirlooms that are handed down through generations as a constant reminder of an aristocratic heritage, as well as a hint of the style and personal taste of the original owners.  Growing up in the south, I developed a special affinity for anything monogrammed, but most especially linens and silver.  When Jane Scott Hodges announced her new company Leontine Linens in 1996, I knew it would be a hit.  Jane Scott took the beautiful art of monograms and applique from the past and brought it to the interior design forefront with updated and fresh interpretations that weave a thread of the past into modern interiors.  Her philosophy of incorporating fine linens into everyday life rather than saving them for the annual special occasion gave birth to another concept of living well daily.   Fine linens are meant to be used and enjoyed.  They  add beauty and offer a custom uniqueness to every environment they grace.   
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I was delight to receive an email from the office of Leontine Linens and Jane Scott sharing a digital copy of her latest book,  Linens for Every Room and Occasion with Rizzoli.  The digital copy made me want to read more, so I immediately ordered myself a copy.   I could not wait til my copy arrived in the mail.  When it did arrive, I was excited to find a book brimming with beautiful rooms decorated with monogrammed, appliquéd and embroidered Leontine Linens.  It is a "must have" guide to living and entertaining with elegant linens, not just for special occasions, but more importantly for every day. This book is more than eye candy though, Jane Scott imparts wisdom on how to use and care for linens.  Leontine is not limited to the preppy look, we typically associate with monograms.   In the book, Jane Scott  discusses how choosing various styles of monograms can put a personal stamp on your home whether your style is classic or modern, whimsical or unobtrusive.  She also shares how monogrammed linens are a great way change the mood of your home without redecorating.  There is so much more in this book you will simply have to read it for yourself.  

  I have poured over "Linens" for many hours, but find myself returning to the pages to read more.  It is the best linen resource book I have ever read.  I highly recommend you add it to your collection. 

I caught up with Jane Scott Hodges who is quite sought after, due to her continual busy schedule and now  popular book tour.  She agreed to answer a few questions about her company and the book. Please read the interview below and enjoy photos from designers who have incorporated Leontine in their projects and also a couple of pictures from the book. 

Courtesy of Leontine Linens
Courtesy of Leontine Linens

Courtesy of Leontine Linens

Courtesty of Leontine Linens

Courtesy of Leontine Linens

Courtesy of Leontine Linens

Courtesy of Leontine Linens

Girls Room Designed by Katie Ridder with Leontine Linens

Badgley Mischka bedroom as seen in Elle Decor with Leontine Shams

1) What has creating, and owning Leontine Linens taught you?

It’s been almost 20 years since I started Leontine Linens – practically my entire adulthood!  The most important thing I’ve learned is how important it is to support fellow business women.  I have benefited from the good will of my contemporaries and my mentors time and again, and I do the same for others. 

2)   Your company has been so successful and is embraced by the countries top designers. Do you have an all time favorite project Leontine has been involved in working on?

There have been so many outstanding experiences and friendships born of my business, there is no #1 favorite.  I get the most joy and reward from being invited into a client’s home and learning from them on being a gracious host(ess).  It happens time and time again that I impart a new pearl of wisdom from a client – my only hope is I am doing the same for them!

3)  Any thing you would like readers to know about creating custom linens for those that might be interested in investing in your beautiful line?

Really, the most important thing to know is that there is something for everyone.  Even if you are not ready to invest in, say, your master bedding, there are small ways to introduce fine linens into your home and lifestyle.  For instance, if you like to entertain, a pair of linen guest towels for the powder room or a dozen cocktail napkins for the bar are easy-to-swallow investments that you’ll enjoy using! 

4)  What linens do you have on your own bed?  Your children's beds?

Leontine, of course!  Though, everyone has their preferences.  In my house, I prefer using a crisp percale sheeting.  For the sleeping pillows, I love using a French case, which is a little more finished looking and can be monogrammed upper center.  I use a light down blanket on top of my flat sheet, and then finish the bed with a traditional lightweight pique blanket cover.  A few decorative shams and a hand-quilted satin comforter at the foot complete the look.  The best part of making the bed is…there is no wrong way to make the bed!  Some prefer a duvet cover to a blanket cover, others prefer a more tailored look with the blanket cover tucked in.  No matter your preference, Leontine Linens can help build an ensemble that is both beautiful and practical to your preferences!

5) I know the difference and you know the difference, but could you share with my readers the difference in what Leontine offers compared to just having something monogrammed at the local monograming shop?

Leontine Linens has the unique ability to make one piece at a time.  Every single item is created from scratch, with fabric cut from the bolt, then sewn to order and embellished to order.  The entire process – even the way in which we work to design your items – is custom.  We use no computerized or digitized techniques.  The monograms are hand-drawn for each order and then transferred to the fabric and stitched by one of our very talented artisans.  This means we do not use a font, which allows for an absolute perfect composition of letters, no matter the combination or special request (such as incorporating a “Jr” or “III”).  Finally, we are most well known for our incredible range of colors, allowing for endless combinations that allows the client to create something that is truly a seamless extension of their home décor.

6)  How does it feel to see the culmination of your company's hard work collected in the pages of a book?

It is truly a joy, and one of my proudest moments.  The book is ecumenical, not just about Leontine Linens but also about collecting heirloom linens, setting a beautiful table, and caring and storing tips that can apply to your entire collection of household linens.  Linens: For Every Room and Occasion is the collection of years of experience and tips learned over a lifetime of working with clients and designers.  I learn as much from my clients as I am able to impart to them!  For that I am so thankful.

7)  What was the hardest part of putting your book together?

The entire process was about 18 months, and it truly was a labor of love.  Truly, the hardest part was at the beginning and trying to decide the best approach in organizing the information and creating an approachable theme.  What we came up with – creating chapters based on certain personalities as opposed to dividing the information by bed, bath, table etc – allows for a much more relatable book.  Even if you are not a die-hard linen collector, I think you’ll find a chapter that speaks to you and in turn you may discover a way to introduce linens into your own home.

8)  What does the future hold for Leontine and Jane Scott? Any new plans on the horizon?

I’m just enjoying the moment right now – the book was a huge achievement and supporting the book is my top priority in the immediate future.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t already thinking of the next big thing, but that will have to remain my little secret for now.

9) Do you see the fabulous company you have created being passed down to your children much the same as fine heirloom linens?

There is no telling!  It would be wonderful, but my children will decide that when they are ready.

10) Where can readers go to find out where your booking signings will be if they want to meet you in person? 

All of our events are listed on our website on the events page.  We also post all events on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

If you are attending La Cienega Legends Event this week pop over to Nathan Turner's shop on May 8th from 2:30 - 4pm to meet Jane Scott Hodges and get your very own signed copy of "Linens: For Every Room and Occasion"

 Charlotte Peeps, Make sure to attend "A Celebration of Linens" at Capitol for a book signing with Jane Scott!

RSVP to or if you aren't in Charlotte, click here and go to events to find a book signing event near you!  

If you aren't going to be at any of the events, you can purchase your own copy here and get a personalized copy with limited addition linen storage cover here.

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