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My Favorite Windows of La Cienega Legends Event 2014

Several readers wrote this week and ask for up close pictures of the Legends of
 La Cienega windows.   Since I can't post all the windows again, I decided to post some of my favorites.  First up, The Sydney Harbour Paint window designed by the ladies from Cloth & Kind.  This window was actually the first window I saw when I arrived in La Cienega.  This window was inspired the book "Goldfinger" by Ian Fleming.  To read more about the designers from Cloth & Kind or their inspiration refer back to this post. 

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When I arrived at the window, I immediately tried to take pictures from the street, but the bright sun caused a reflection which interfered with a clear vision of the window.  Luckily, Tami Ramsey of Cloth & Kind happened to walk out of Sydney Harbour and invited me to come inside to view the window up close. 

Tami allowed me walk into the window for a close look.  

  Tami and Krista chose curvy furniture to represent the curvy Bond women. 

A custom piece commissioned from artist Kate Roebuck on back of sofa adds a bit of "Bond"  Glamour.

My favorite detail was gun shell nail heads on the fabric screen.

Bond's signature attire, a white dinner jacket and bow tie adds the final 
  dash of pizazz.

Loved the pair of laboring chairs Tami and Krista used in their window.
Every element of this window was amazing!  Great job Tami and Krista!

Cloth & Kind were so kind as to supply me a list of resources for their Sydney Harbour Window.
 Jasper: Pierre sofa

Downtown: French Modernist chairs, tom Greene brutalist chandelier, Italian sconces

Dragonette: coffee table, orange side table and glass side table

Harbinger: small round table between labourint chairs in front of window

Lee Stanton: cactus floor lamp, black metal stand

Sally King Benedict: indigo nude custom
Commissioned piece (for sale)

Papermills: Little Havana wallpaper custom coloration using Sydney Harbour paint liquid gold and indigo

Clay McLaurin Studio: custom fabric screens with bullet casing nailheads and pillows on sofa (custom Pom
Pom trim by Kate Roebuck)

Nicky Rising: all ceramic vases and bird sculptures

CLOTH & KIND: Vintage shibori lumbar pilllow, vintage laboring chairs, glass grapes clusters, vintage martini set, white dinner jacket

Agora Vintage: Athens, GA vendor for Monyo sculpture " The Embrace"

Woven Accents Window  designed by Christian May inspired by "1001 Nights" by Hanan AL-Shaykh

My friend and fellow designer, Christian May of Maison 21 created an amazing window inspired by the book "1001 Nights" by Hanan Al-Shaykn.  I felt like Aladdin was going to fly in on his magic carpet while I was standing in the space.  A midnight blue paint color custom  created by Sydney Harbour Paints was the perfect backdrop for the window.  

Christian introduced a new line of geometric cowhide rugs during the La Cienega event.  
His rugs are amazing!  

Beautiful arabic lettering was artistically hand painted by Mariam Hakhnazaryan.  The center medallion of arabic calligraphy reads "your story is your treasure", the underlying theme of the window and the rings of arabic around it are passages from "1001 Arabian Nights, the book from which Christian was inspired to design the window.

There were sculptural stacks of  gold books on either side of the window, which were hand-painted by  Christian. 

I love that Christian signed one of the books in one of the stacks.

This window was the largest window I saw while at La Cienega.  The sheer scale of this window, along with the magic of the flying carpets overhead, created a window that will be talked about for years.

MK Collections Window by Dee Murphy

"Memoirs of a Geisha"

This window was not big, but carefully curated to pack a punch.  

The elements were feminine and beautiful just like a geisha.  

The pretty shape of MK Collection's three sided window gave the window a glass box effect.  
I had the good fortune of meeting the designer of this window, Dee Murphy.   She was at events with her new six week old daughter, Avery, who stole the show where ever they were.  Great job Dee!

Gina Berschneider   - "I know Why The Caged Bird Sings"
Window and photo by Jennifer Dyer

Hollyhock - "The Orient Express" by Mark D. Sikes

Mark D. Sikes used blue and white as an inspiration to create the windows of  Hollyhock.  Custom chinoiserie hand painted panels created the perfect backdrop for Mark's timeless, chic window. 

This window was the perfect mix of traditional, whimsical and modern furnishings.  Just beautiful!  I don't know if you read Mark Sikes blog, "Chic People, Glamours Places, and Stylish Things" but it is a great read!   

Mecox Gardens - "The Invisible Man" 
By Sheldon Harte and John Henry Kaufman

"Nothing Is As It Appears" 

Perched in the window of Mecox was the invisible man on a lucite chair. 

This wraps up my coverage of La Cienega Legends Windows.
I hope you enjoyed the up close view today of some of my favorites.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!  
Enjoy your family and friends!

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  1. The windows are awesome and perfectly represent the movies!!

  2. Great to see close-ups and different angles of Tami and Krista's window! Wonderful overview of all Lisa, enjoyed!

    1. Thanks Carla! I'm sorry it has taken me a bit to respond. I appreciate your comment and stopping by!

  3. Very Pretty! windows look amazing. How can i get those? I need them

  4. WOW! Lisa this all truly fabulous! Amazing job my friend. Love all the pretty windows and the same color sofa , Beautiful!
    Captivating East London Penthouse Designed by Sirs

  5. Thank you so much for including me Lisa... I'm so grateful and honored :)))


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