Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wood-Mode Cabinetry - The Ultimate In Kitchen Cabinetry

If the kitchen is the heart of the home don't we all want to create the best kitchen possible in our own homes?  When we have guests over, somehow, no matter how hard I try, we almost always end up in the kitchen.  My comfy living room sofa sits empty while we all perch around the kitchen.  It's where my children prefer to do their homework and where we prepare all of our family meals.  Doesn't it stand to reason that our kitchens should be as pretty and well made as possible? 


One of my favorite cabinetry lines for kitchens is Wood-Mode.   This line offers something for everyone.  All the kitchens featured here are Wood-Mode kitchens.  They also make beautiful bathroom cabinets, bars and fireplaces, closets and wardrobes, entertainment centers and home offices.  The options are endless.  When you order Wood-Mode cabinetry you can be assured you will be maximizing storage capacity, efficiency and flexibility in the best possible manner in your home.  Wood-Mode offers so many door styles, finishes, architectural elements and storage features you truly can have cabinets designed to meet your needs and lifestyle. Pop over to Wood-mode's easy to maneuver website and see for yourself, how truly custom this third generation American Made Company, can make your life.  

Wood-Mode offers beautiful cabinet makers details carefully craft in the same manner as fine furniture 

Storage options galore!

I love how Wood-Mode can double layer the drawers on the inside, so that the outer drawer front can be one larger drawer, so the look is clean and refined. 

Who wouldn't like their drawers divided, so that your clothing stays neat and organized?  Notice how the dividers can be moved to suit your growing needs?

More options for customization!  The sky is the
 limit with Wood-Mode.

Wood-mode offers so many storage options, that are as beautiful as they are functional.  They prides themselves on offering built-in storage and conveniences that are as elegant as they are efficient.  Don't we all crave an organized life?  With Wood-Mode, you can have the organized life of your dreams!  You won't even be embarrassed if your guest want to hang out in the kitchen.  My guess is if you have a Wood-Mode kitchen you won't even mind cooking! 

I wish the kitchen fairy would come and bring me this Wood-Mode kitchen!  It is absolutely fabulous!  I would have them paint the interior of the cabinets aqua!  I flipped over this new door style!  Isn't it beautiful?  I love it!  Who would like to follow along on a kitchen re-do in my kitchen with Wood-Mode?  I would love to do that here on the blog and document every step.  I think it would be fun and educational for  readers wanting to learn about the process with a fabulous custom kitchen line!
Photo Courtesy of Ken Kelly
The best part of KBIS?  Meeting people like Robert Grondlund, President and owner of Wood-Mode.  I must say he was the nicest man ever!  I'm also with my dear friend, Grace Kelly, who with her husband Ken Kelly, are the #7 Wood-Mode dealers in the USA!  They own Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly located in NYC.  Check out their website here for more beautiful Wood-Mode Cabinetry.  If you don't follow their blog and enjoy great information on kitchens make sure you sign up to follow them here.  It's chocked full of valuable information about "all things kitchen" from cabinetry to appliances and how to plan!  Wood-Mode has it's own private tab there with lots of information about their products!  This blog is a go to resource for kitchen design! 

Wood-Mode is definitely a product that can make your home beautiful and your life sweeter!  

This blog post was written in collaboration with Modenus and Wood-Mode who sponsored my trip to KBIS in Las Vegas.  All opinions are my own.  I enjoy bringing my readers information about products that I believe in and source for my own clients. 
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  2. Beautiful !!! I wish I knew how to add wood mode into 20/20. Who would be best to contact?

  3. Beautiful !!! I wish I knew how to add wood mode into 20/20. Who would be best to contact?


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