Sunday, March 23, 2014

Last Day of Spring Break

Spring Break officially ends today.  We had a fabulous trip to Florida.  These pictures are a few of the images I shared on instagram while we were away.  Our internet coverage was spotty, as I knew it would be but I thought I fixed the potential problem by I buying a hotspot prior to leaving.  Of course we used up all the GB for our plan and then some, so we are now on limited use only.  My husband cringes everytime we get a text that we have used up yet another GB of data.  I'm not sure when it is going to end! 
It was nice to be in Florida where it was warm and sunny everyday but one.  It was relaxing to be away and carefree.
We had great food and family time.  We learned about the red  and black mangrove trees on our kayak tour, ate at Bern Steakhouse and Oxford Exchange of Tampa, Roy's in Orlando and the Bubble Room in Captiva to name a few.  We made new friends who have Chapel Hill connections.  We enjoyed the pool at Tween Waters and the beach.  We especially enjoyed the sunsets each afternoon.  Tomorrow will come early!  It's back to the grind.  Can't wait to see what has been going on at Studio 202 while I've been away.  I hear it's coming right along!  So, it's back to work and school we go. 
But first, we have a Carolina game to watch and a ton of laundry to do!  Enjoy your Sunday with family and friends!
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  1. I'm so glad you had a great time with family....there's nothing better!

  2. We always eat with friends at Bern's when we are in Tampa and isn't the Oxford Exchange fun?


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