Monday, March 10, 2014



This year's annual chair giveaway will take place in New York City Friday, March 14th with a new,green twist, thanks to help from the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Follow #hbchairs on House Beautiful's Twitter account for clues to specific locations all around NYC.
The Sustainable Furnishings Council's mission is "to promote sustainable practices among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike by raising awareness of the sustainability issue; assisting companies in adopting good practices, and providing information about responsibility issues." Here are the chairs that they see as green.
Won't be in the area that day? You can still enter to win a free chair in House Beautiful's Twitter sweepstakes and Instagram contest from March 10-14th.

Make sure you visit House Beautiful online to view all the chairs(I only included a few in my post)  and the rugs that will be given away!  It is such an exciting event to take part in, you will not want to miss out if you are in New York City!!!

If I were in New York City, you know which chair I would be trying to find?

The awesome Kings Chair from Taylor Burke Home! Wow!!!
Click over to House Beautiful and pick out your favorite chair or Safavieh rug and report back to me.  Who knows may be I'll tweet you a tip on finding it!

Click Here to view all the chairs!!  There are some really beautiful chairs!
There are 20 more chairs and Safavieh rugs that I didn't feature today!

Last year's event was so much fun, I can hardly wait!!!

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  1. So many beautiful chairs!! Does House Beautiful do this with other home products too? Great idea!!

  2. Hey Deborah, they typically just do the chairs, this is the first year to my knowledge that they have added another product. The rugs are beautiful too aren't they? Thanks for commenting!

  3. Could you please tell me about the beautiful denim colored blanket or afghan in the first picture? Is it hand knitted? Is the pattern available? Love your new Chair. Perfect!
    Dining Room Table

    1. not sure what you are referring to? I dont' see any afghan on this page? sorry?

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