Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Scott's Antiques in Atlanta, Georgia

Did you wonder where I was?  I honestly didn't plan to take a week off from the blog, it just happened.  The first of last week was really busy for me as I was trying to get work finished and my personal calendar cleared so that I could travel to Atlanta.   I needed to go to Atlanta for work, so I  mixed in a little pleasure to make it more fun.   I went to ADAC on Thursday, AmericasMart on Friday and Saturday, then Scott's Antiques on Sunday as we were leaving Atlanta.  I have always wanted to go to Scott's, but typically when I am in Atlanta, I am there  for ADAC or AmericasMart and there simply isn't enough time.  Luckily, this trip I was able to conquer all three.  It was a triple design delightful weekend.  I can't wait to share everything I saw while in Atlanta.  I decided I would start with the last event and share it first.
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 Scott's Antique Market is held the second weekend of every month in the Atlanta Expo Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is the largest indoor antiques market in the area.  My friend Paige and I had so much fun perusing the aisles in search of items for her newly acquired mountain/lake house.  We both felt this market was worth the effort.  The rest of our group packed up and left early Sunday morning, because they wanted to be in Charlotte to see the Panthers play San Francisco, but Paige and I decided to take a couple of hours and check out Scotts. We allotted ourselves two hours, which was enough time to quickly run through the one building. We parked at the North building so the North it was. I can't wait to return to see the South building as my friend Kelly Kole says that's her favorite.  The North building was filled with antique furniture, china, rugs and art.   Here are some of the things we found:

Lots of antique dishes

Fabulous collections of majolica 

Pretty furniture

Several vendors had antique dolls

We both liked this lady's booth.  She had lots of English smalls that I somehow
failed to take a picture of.

We saw several dealers we recognized from Charlotte's own Metrolina market. 
This african art dealer is one of them.

He also had some pretty spectacular JuJu's.  Made me sad for mine the moths ate. (sad)

Beautiful mirrors and clocks.

Lots of lamps in all sizes, shapes and finishes.

This dealer was interesting given my fascination with shells, coral and all things
 from the sea.

Lots of fishing weights

This is truly an example of the old adage "one man's junk is another man's treasure", shell encrusted bottles found in the sea.

Great prices on 90 degree lamps.

This guy has interesting carved heads on his arms.  I could picture
this cover covered in a beautiful tone on tone fabric.

More interesting lamps.

I loved the boxes of parts I found in several booths.  Louise Gaskell you would have a heyday here.

Interesting antique dress pattern created to show the client what the dress design
would look like in early days prior to computers.

Tons of beautiful pillows.

Sculptures like this sweet little boy 

There were tons of books, some were antique collectors books, others like these were 
handsome books for styling bookshelves. 

With the trend swinging back to Traditional design there were lots of treasures here.

Loved this copper hood and rustic lamps.

This pair of french bergere chairs in lavender and brown stripe were waiting patiently to be scooped up for the perfect little girls room.

Loved this set of mid-century mod chairs in perfect condition

Tradition with a twist, architectural fragments on lucite bases and wired
for lamps.

I was amazed at the number of booths with beautiful vignettes.

Everything was well displayed so the buyer could envision what
the items would look like in an actual home.

There was a pair of these french botanical panels, 84" high.  Just fabulous.  I could picture them used as barn doors on a bedroom closet for for a sunroom.

This was an interesting display.  I love how they took old books and cut letters out of them.

Great sign and message!

I used restraint not to buy this guy!  I used one on a project last year and 
when my boys saw it they wanted one (UNC Tarheel Fans - mascot = ram)

Great zebra grade A rug and trophies.

The shell lady had amazing mirrors.  Good thing this one was sold because
it would have been in my car otherwise.

Last but certainly not least, the one that didn't get away.  He's going
to live at Paige's lake/mountain house!  Isn't he fab?  

If you are like me and enjoy a collected environment, places like Scott's are the perfect venues for finding things to add to your decor.  Unless you are buying priceless antiques, the items found at places like Scott's are typically cheaper than buying new items retail. I find that collections of old books, ceramics or a beautiful antique really bring a room up a notch and give it a sense of history.  I'm dying to add to my collection of oyster plates and Scott's had some fabulous ones!  Tell me what you like to find at antique places?

I hope you enjoy seeing this little snippet of Scotts.  I plan to return soon, 
hope I'll see you there!

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Cool place, I think I need to go there...

    1. yes! it is awesome and I only got to one building!

  2. I really did enjoy this Lisa! Thanks for sharing. It is on my to-do list one day! I need to start saving up now, I see I wouldn't leave empty handed. xo Nancy

    1. Nancy, you and Bethany would have a fit! It is awesome!

  3. Glad you finally got to visit my favorite place! It was a packed weekend…with Scott's and the Mart! I didn't make it to ADAC:(

  4. Oh, LIsa! I wish I had known you were going to be there! We did the 1st Find At The Farm Show earlier in the week and I usually have a couple of booths with Laurent's things in the North Bldg but didn't this month bc we did both shows. He hasn't missed a show in 20 years...but he's in the South Bldg! You'll have to let me know next time you're here for Scott's! You will love the South Bldg as well. Glad you got to go! Everyone needs to experience it! :)

    1. How was 1st Find at The Farm? I know the rain didn't help things. I heard some dealers did very well? Hope you did? I'll let you know the next time I'm at Scotts!

    2. Despite the POLAR conditions...it was 7 degrees on Tuesday...it was a great show! And Amanda and Karen (and their whole group) were such troopers, as were all the people who braved the cold to attend! We had so much fun! Hate I couldn't hear Tobi speak, though!

    3. Oh Good! I'm glad! I love Amanda and Karen! They are fab! I wanted to see Tobi but we were there at different times in Atlanta. Didn't work out. Would love to have seen you too!

  5. You will have to return and visit the other Building....and me!

  6. So glad you brought your camera! Love the tour, Lisa. And all the faux bamboo furniture. One day I will make it down to Scott's! Bringing my big van. We should meet there :)

    1. I actually thought about you when I was snapping these pictures! Yes! Let's make a weekend to meet down there! We could have a designer/blog meet up at Scott's!! Wouldn't that be fun!


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