Friday, January 24, 2014

Agnes & Dora on Fashion Friday!

We finally made it to the weekend! Yay!  Today is going to be a really busy day, but before I sign off to jet about for work, I wanted to share a cute new company called Agnes and Dora.  
If I had not gotten this darn flu, I would be at Alt Summit in Salt Lake basking up the most juicy details about blogging.  Instead I'm here in Charlotte watching instagram and tweeter for snippets of the fun everyone is having at Alt.  My friend Traci Zeller sent me a pic of the cool leggings that Agnes and Dora gave her yesterday at Alt.  They were really cute!  I jumped over to their website to see what they were all about and look what I found!!!  I simply had to share!  (click the header to see this fab line....)

I'm featuring a few of my fav prints, but there are so many more!  Pop over and check out all the prints and patterns!  I'm sure you will agree on the over the top cuteness for such a great price! According to Traci they are super comfy too!  With Agnes and Dora Leggings, all you need for a super cute outfit is a big sweater and cute boots!  I'm ordering a couple of pairs today!   If you haven't gotten a pair of faux leather leggings they have those too.  I have lived in mine this winter.  All of the leggings featured retail for $21.50.  As my southern sayings surface "you can't beat that with a stick".   Go see for yourself!

Not only do they have cool adult leggings but also have adorable kids styles.  Here are a few cute patterns but again pop over to their website to see the entire collection:

The kid's leggings are only $15.95!

Did you know that Agnes & Dora are sold through home shows?  Yep that's right.  So I'm declaring this a virtual home show!  Let them know if you are ordering because I sent you!  

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Don't forget to follow me too!  Especially on instagram as my secret will
 soon be revealed!

Clues will be coming on

All photography courtesy of Agnes and Dora
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