Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tips For Nourishing Your Soul - Soulful Sunday

Via Martha Stewart
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I hope you are nourishing your soul by surrounding yourself with beauty this beautiful Sunday!  I have always found January to be a particularly dreary month.  It is amazing how fresh flowers can brighten my mood.  Do you treat yourself to fresh flowers every week?  It is my small treat to myself.  They don't have to be from the florist, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods or Trader Joe's varieties will do nicely.  I find a pretty vase or pitcher and fill with pretty flowers for instant happiness on my breakfast room table.  Try it!  You will be surprised at how quickly it picks up the mood of a dreary day.   Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!  

Flower tips
1. Hold the flowers next to the vase you want to use to judge where to cut the stems
2. Mix several colors together or keep it simple with one color.
3. Always cut your stems at a 45 degree angle
4. Use fresh water!  If you change the water daily the flowers will last so much longer
5. When using tulips, toss a penny in the water to make the tulips stand up and keep from drooping. 
6. For an extra touch, tie a pretty ribbon around the vase.
7. For larger arrangements add lemons or limes to the base of a clear vase for color.
8. When buying an bunch of flowers often there is a special if you buy two, pick an extra up for a friend or neighbor to brighten someone's day
9. Ask your family what their favorite flowers are and occasionally buy those.  My daughter loves sunflowers.
10. Always, always have fresh flowers!

Happy Sunday!

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