Saturday, June 15, 2013

What I've Been Up To, Good Reads & 7 Fun Picks For the Week!

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Here's a little round up of my week...

I've been winding down on projects by tying up some odds & ends,
 so that I can get on with my summer. 

I  worked on a new stair case design which you can read here, if you missed it. Looks like we decided to go the custom route, more to follow on that one.  Also if interested check out my Pinterest board Foyers/Entry Halls/Stairs for inspiration, if you are in the market to change your own. While you are there if you don't currently follow me on Pinterest please do, I'm waiting for #5300 follower...

I have been working with a client to finalize  lighting options for her new house.  We have made decisions on almost all items except the dining room chandy.  It has been narrowed it down to Madegoods "Fiona", Circa "Claridge".  Which do you like?

I don't take on client projects after June 1st,  so I can be with my kids and spend time at the beach, but this summer  I'm working on my own kitchen. yeah...i'm the client this time.  I admit, when it comes to my own house I can be fickle Frannie for sure.  I think I have actually made some decisions which I will soon share!

I stayed behind a day this week while my hubby and kids were at the beach, locked my doors, kept the blinds closed and cleaned out closets, drawers and cabinets!  I turned my phone off and didn't answer it all day! Whew!  It was a long day!  Threw out 8 bags of trash!  Check my instagram for some of the proof! I feel so zen like it's almost comical.  Now that I'm at the beach house, this place is out people if you sit something down, it's either going out the door, put in the box you have to do a chore in order to earn it back or organized in never, never land.  So if you value your goodies, put them away yourself or don't come crying to me! 

Favorite read of the week!

Thanks to Veronika Miller of Modenus  for this beautiful and inspiring post on "What's Your Slice of Heaven".  Truly something to think about!  I can't wait to read David Elliot Cohen's "One Year Off" sounds like a must read to me.  Do you know what your slice of Heaven is?  Is it a geographical place, a state of mind or a combo of the two?

Best Laugh of the Week!

For the best laugh of the week, thanks goes to my friend Courtney Price who posted this side splitting article entitled "Hilarious yoga mat for sale on Craigslist" from MindBodyGreen.  If you are a hot yoga enthuasist you will laugh til you cry while reading this.  If you haven't taken hot yoga before, you may never do so after reading this or you may be enticed so you can be part of the group. Just promise me if you decide to jump on the bandwagon and take a hot yoga class, please come back and read this afterwards, so you can appreciate this to the fullest!  My hubby and I laughed til we cried!

Favorite Fashion Find!

Leave it to Hale Bob to make me covet!  Who doesn't love this HoneyMoon In Morroco
 and Slice of Heaven?  I couldn't do a post without showing you a couple of 
pretty pics now could I?

HoneyMoon in Morocco by Hale Bob

or Slice of Sunshine

Slice of Summer by Hale Bob
Of course you know me, I've been over at Urban Outfitters since we don't have a local Hale Bob Store  and of course I purchased this skirt which I plan to wear with capri length leggings underneath! I also bought these crazy leggings which I wore yesterday and got so many compliments on already!

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes....

Well, anyone who knows me, know I adore a cool pair of shoes.  I do love designer shoes, but you can get the look, without the price as proven here with this killer pair of "Ronis" from Urban Outfitters from Jeffrey Campbell.  Since it is summer and I'm beachin' it, I'm into flats so I luvre me these cool sandals!  Of course when the prices are this good, why not get another pair, right?  So I got this pair of "Ecote" in black too.  Now I'm set at least for a week or until the next rainstorm at the beach and I get stir crazy with a houseful of kids!  

Surprise Tip!

Chassity of Look, Linger, Love Blogged Her Boobie Revelation and introduced me to these cute little lace bralettes she found at Urban Outfitters and that was why I was in there in the first place.  I bought several and LOVE them! Thanks Chassity!  And I'm sure Urban Outfitters thanks you too since I bought the bra tops and more!

Well that's about all I have for today!  Have fun shopping, playing or whatever you
like to do on Saturday with your wild and crazy free day!

In the meanwhile I'll be here....
Find this slice float here!

.... or out on the beach now for some fun with my family!

You know why I love the beach so much?  "In Charlotte I'm just
 the maid, but at the beach I become a mermaid"

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!!!

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  1. Lisa you are so fun, I want one of everything!!
    Art by Karena
    Giveaway by Splendid Sass

  2. Oh how fun, your own kitchen!! Have a great weekend, Janell

    1. I hope your weekend has been fab! Thanks for popping in and commenting!!!

  3. Nothing like a good purge of the closets and everything else followed up by some shopping.

  4. Lisa-
    Enjoy being a mermaid! You deserve it!
    You have been, as always, a very busy lady. I like either lighting.
    You have certainly kept me entertained for a while here. Love your skirt, and such a great price. And the yoga ad - priceless!

  5. Lisa, if you have the time ......
    I just finished my Book Club's latest "read". This one could be straight out of "The Happy Ending Movie Channel!"
    But why I'm even telling you about it.... ....The Heroine, Grace, is a very, very successful BLOGGER!
    The first Chapter IS a riot!
    It's a harmless read.

    LADIES' NIGHT by Mary Kay Andrews


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