Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bebe Bebe Bebe Nursery "Lavender Dreams" Guest Post

 I am "over the moon" excited to be guest posting over at Fieldstone Hill Design today!  I am participating in Darlene's Bebe Bebe Bebe Nursery Post. As you probably know Darlene is expecting a sweet little baby girl!  She asked me to join the fun in this cool series by designing a nursery for her little pumpkin. Pop over to Darlene's blog and see the nursery I designed  for her!!!  Tell me if you love it!  Do you like lavender as much as I do?  I'm digging it these days!   If it's your first time visiting Fieldstone Hill Design, make sure to stay a while and visit.  Darlene is one talented lady!  I love the other nurseries that have been designed in this series too, so make sure you look at all the other nurseries in the series.   If you are in the market for nurseries ideas, you dont' want to miss these fab designs.  I'm sure you will get lots of ideas from this talented bunch of designers. Below are a few things I included in my design to whet your appetite...

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Syro Chandelier by Laura Kirar for Baker

Carmelita Mirror by Worlds Away

Limited Edition Barbie Print

Abstract Dresser available from Zinc Decor

Doesn't every little girl's nursery deserve a limited addition print of Barbie?  I certainly think so!  Barbie isn't the only star in this room though, she has competition from some really fabulous original art as well!  This design concept is full of fun ideas.  This room was designed to grow with baby. Make sure to visit Fieldstone Hill Design to see my nursery design curated for Darlene's little bebe!!! 

Thank you Darlene for allowing me the honor of 
participating in your series!  
Good luck with your sweet little bundle.  
I'm sure she will be as beautiful as her Mommy!!!

Need a nursery designed?  I would love to help!

I would like to thank my dear friend and talented artist Jill Seale for coming to the rescue and photoshopping my board for this post!  I had it laid out and it was fuzzy, so Jill took over and cleaned it up for me!  On the island, my internet coverage is shotty, and my inability at photoshop totally stinks, so Jill saved the day!  You will be hearing more about Jill on the blog, real soon!!!  Thank You Jill!!!!
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