Saturday, June 1, 2013

12 Favorite Beach Bags - Shop Saturday Quick View!

It's Beach Time!  Are you ready?  I certainly am!  With all the travel, work, school projects for kids and demanding schedules I am ready to sit on the beach with a good book in my hand and watch the kids play!  Our family is packing the car as I type.  They are pouting because I'm taking time to type this post, but in my preparation for summer I have been on the search for a new beach bag and wanted to share some of the great choices I discovered with you, in case you are on the hunt!  I figure why waste good research, right?  So save some time for yourself and check out these great options that I have curated for you! Do you have a favorite bag you like to take to the beach or pool?  If so, please comment and tell me about your coveted beach bag? I tend to go for beach bags in either bright colors or totally neutral, there's no in between with this girl.  I know I'm fickle but sometimes I prefer a totally collapsible bag and other times I want something with structure.  One thing is always consistent, I my bag has to be pretty and functional!  Hope you like my options!
I'll tell you later which one I bought when I share with you my beach bag and
what's typically in my beach bag when I head out for my day on the beach! [...]

So what are my requirements for a perfect beach bag?

1) Must be roomy! with kids, I'm always stuffing beach towels, and their shirts in mine
as well as snacks and all the unnecessary stuff they drag out to the beach.
2) Great Style - if it isn't cute I don't want it! Who wants to show up on the beach with 
a dud bag?  Huh...not me!  Gotta be a cutie pootie or me no likey!
3) Easy Care! I prefer one with a wipeout lining, but if it doesn't have one, I use little see 
thru vinyl waterproof zippered pouches!  Makes finding things so much easier!
4) Pockets are always a plus!  Aren't we always trying to keep up with things on the beach?
5) Shoulder straps - I like long handles that I can slide on my shoulders,
 since I ride my bike to beach and shoulder straps make it easier to tote.


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  1. I love my ELLA VICKERS bag made from recycled sailcloth! You can pick your favorite meaningful number. Mine has a 28 on it for my birthday... love the way it looks and it's obviously durable!! Check them out at and let me know what you think!!
    And if you picked the Louis Vuitton bag don't go in the water... I might be strolling by!! haha

    1. Haha! You are funny! I love your Ella Vickers bag! What a cool idea!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I have a couple of beach and market totes from Andrea, the French Basketeer! Love them!

    Art by Karena

  3. I just love love that first photo of the beach you took.... divine!
    Miss you!!!!!



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