Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quadrille Fabrics

Design by Lynn Morgan

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Paradise Garden by David Klein, Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Kazak Table runner

Tashkent Drapery by Amanda Nisbet

Pina used in this room designed by Kathleen DiPaulo

Bali Isle, Melinda, Zig Zag, Cap Ferrat, Candu, and Kazak chairs by Gabriela Ortiz

As a designer I often get asked questions like "What's my favorite fabric line" or "What  fabrics do you suggest I use for such and such?" Often these questions are asked at a cocktail party or social gathering. The person asking is typically very innocent in thinking there is a quick answer for questions such as these, not sound rude,but if you ask someone what color to to paint your dining room at a party where alcohol is involved and they anwer you, watch out!  That's what I call "loaded advice."  LOL!   These are questions typically better answered after properly vetting the person.  Take it for what it's worth but free advice is worth...?  While I don't like answering questions at cocktail parties if you held me down, and made me say uncle, until I picked one favorite fabric line..I have to admit one I'm loving right now... Quadrille Fabrics.  Could be because I'm in "resort" mode or because I love color in my design projects,but I'm guessing it's because their fabrics are really quite fabulous and play well with other fabric lines to create beautiful rooms.  I was thrilled when I received notice a new pattern "Viennese" was added to their collection. .  Its a great fabric to mix with others in the line or use alone and it's available in the following great color ways:  

Check out the complete line of Quadrille Fabrics and let me know if
you find some you would like me to order for you! 
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  1. Lisa I agree it would be a great line to recommend anytime as far as I am concerned; although of course there are so many great fabrics out there!

    2013 Designer Series
    Art by Karena

  2. Bingo, just what I needed for a pair of tired bergere chairs....

  3. oh wow I love all these fabulous parings of colors and patterns...I could look at these for days!

    Hope all is well:)


    1. Thank You Laura! I love your paintings!!!

  4. I am with you Lisa! Love every room here. All of these rooms are such happy places.
    Yes we have countertops. I took pictures. Wish I had been there to stage everything!

    1. Oh my! I can't wait to see!! I hope you like them???

  5. I just love a good bit of Quadrille, it's always so vibrant and happy :)

  6. great fabric to mix with others in the line or use alone and it's available in the following great color ways.thanks for great fabrics. designer decorator fabric


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