Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day


Its been a wonderful weekend filled with family. Today, I would like to give thanks to my Mom and Mother-In-Law.  My Mom lives four hours from me so we don't get to spend much time together.  We basically see each other at Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and in the summer when we are at the beach.  Most of my family live close together and gather often which I am really envious I dont' get to do.  I grew up in a large family so being with family is important to me.   Thank goodness my in-laws come over almost every week for dinner.  We have so much to be thankful for.  This weekend we celebrated Rebekah's graduation from NC State University with my family.  Today we had lunch with Bryant's family.  I included the picture of my mom with my dad, because it is rare you see one without the other.  
Bryant's Dad is 91 and his mother is 89.  She still takes water aerobics twice a week.  He ran until he was 85, so they are proof that exercise keeps you young.  We are very lucky to have our parents.  My heart goes out to everyone who don't have a mom to celebrate with or are too far to be with them today.  I ache for those who have wanted to be a mom and haven't been successful.  Life is hard and holidays can be lonely if you don't have a "Hallmark" family.  Here's hoping all of you have found happy moments in your day whether you have been with your loved ones or not.  My mom's favorite saying is below.  I'd like share it with you in honor of her. 

One thing true about being parents.....

If you don't own this book, I highly recommend you buy it and read
 it to your children. It's a favorite of ours!

Parenting is hard work....

There aren't any perfect parents but that's ok....

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!

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  1. What a great post. Thanks for sharing! Happy Mothers Day to you too!

  2. What a great post. Thanks for sharing! Happy Mothers Day to you too!


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