Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elephants, Zebras, Monkeys & More On My! ~ iomoi!!!

Last night I went online to look for a new iphone5 case and stumbled upon 
a line called iomoi!  They should have named it Holy Moly! Instant love!!!  I'm sure I'm late to the party and all you other seasoned bloggers know about this and have been holding out on me, but I'll forgive you this time.   I wanted to share some of my favorites with those of you who like me are just now finding out about this fab line.

What is iomoi?  
According to it's co-founders:
"It is a luxury, lifestyle brand defined by a timeless aesthetic
 with a modern twist and a wink". 

Here are some of the iphone cases...

They truly have some of the cutest iphone cases ever!  Click here to see all the pattern and color options!  Below are a few of the patterns I liked..Can you guess which one I picked for myself??  [click header to continue..]




And if that isn't enough....they have awesome desk accessories! I think I would instantly feel organized and chic if I had an elephant tape dispenser and a monkey cardholder, don't you?  Not to mention the beyond fab patterned pens and pencils.  What is it about seeing a cupful of pencils in the same pattern that screams "she's so organized and fashionable"!

 I'll have one of each please!!! 

So many great patterns in pens and pencils!  Which to choose?  Make sure you go to the website to see all the options.  Again so many choices, really hard to decide!

I'm ordering bamboo pens for my desk!!

 Adorable paperweights...

Check out these package labels!  Oh My!  Available in regular size  or oversized.
Receiving a box with these labels would really make any package more exciting wouldn't it?

I might actually enjoy sitting at a desk more if I had this to look at on a daily basis.
Click here for all the patterns available.  I still have a couple of graduation gifts to buy, 
I'm thinking this might be just the ticket!

Ok, so I admit...I'm a paper addict...I love pretty stationery...here is some of the prettiest...

These little hedgehogs made me think of my friend RuthAnn...

Who doesn't need a little "Dorothy Draper" channeled in their life.... 

No need for words....dying!

Ok, so this is the epitome of the chic & stylish daily to do list!
I can think of a gazillion people who might be getting these for Christmas!

My business cards are custom designed, but heck I might order a few of these, just to change things up a bit!  Don't you love the patterns and colors?

On to the next category, which doesn't disappoint either...bags/totes/ipad case/iphone
 cases you name it, they've got it!!!  And I picking out my favs...

Loving these monograms for the bags!

Here are the style options...

This set of three storage bags would be great for traveling and also for gifts!
You can add your monogram if you like!  Lots of options in these as well!

 Coasters make another great gift.  With Father's Day coming these might be
just the ticket for the man on your list.  

Available in glass or paper and lots of patterns!

Paper coasters

All the patterns are available in a lucite ice bucket as well!

Patterns also available in lucite trays

 Here are the dynamic duo responsible for this fabulous line!  Irene Chen and Matthew Grenby.  You can read their bios below.  Make sure you pop over to the site to see more goodies!  You'll be glad you did. 


As a director of product development at Donna Karan, with licensing experience working at Calvin Klein Irene knew the market well, while Matthew–an entrepreneur grounded in strategic management, computer science, and traditional graphic design–focused on the tactical challenges of starting a business from scratch.  The pair have been creating and producing this line since 2001.

Make sure to pop over and visit iomoi

As for me, I'm making a list and checking it twice!  Did you figure out which cell phone
case I got?  If you didn't, it was #3!

All photos property of iomoi
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  1. Wow what a genius pair!
    Right on the money!
    I am "bookmarking" the website right now!
    I love stationery!!! And when? I get an iphone I can order a case!

    1. Thanks Patty! How are you? We haven't chatted in a while!

  2. Lisa-
    I spend much of my time there! Love every single thing on the site!
    I embroidered 4 elephants for my shop. Can't wait to get them up as elephants are now on my "I want them all" list!
    Thank you for sharing the bios. Such an interesting and fabulous business!

    1. Don't you love their things Teresa! Thanks for popping in!

  3. Lisa I ADORE this line, The elephants are my favorite!! On my way to their site!

    Art by Karena


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