Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Visit to Moore Councill Show Room!

One of my absolute favorite show rooms at High Point Market is Moore Councill.  I'm not sure if it is because their beautiful show room is chocked full of great furniture, or because everyone there is so nice especially the owner and CEO, Moore Councill himself.   In Oct of 2011, Moore Council moved to an expanded showroom at 200 North Hamilton in High Point. 
Their new showroom is so inviting.  I especially like the unique ways they choose to display the furniture.  Gone are the typical arrangements seen in furniture galleries.  This show room makes you feel like you are in a high end shop.  The collection consists of interesting statement pieces and they have chosen equally interesting ways to display them like the chair gallery above. The show room is open year around for retails and designers.  They welcome designers to bring clients as well.  Moore Councill isn't a newcomer to the furniture industry. His family has been creating beautiful furniture for two generations.   The products are sourced in Vietnam and then stored in High Point.  [...]

When I went by to see them during the April market they said "we have a surprise for you!"
  I couldn't imagine what that might be.  Guess what it was....

They named one of the pieces of furniture after me!  Yes they did!  Feast your eyes on 
The "Lisa" Console!  I came home and told my husband, he had to buy it for me and of course I style spotted it as well!  After all, how often does a company name a piece of furniture after you?  I have to admit, I do love that piece but the reality is I could take one of everything in the show room.  I snapped so many pictures while I was there.  I thought the best way to introduce you to this beautiful line was to share my photos with you.  


Below are some of the others shots I took while in the show room.

I love this new coffee table with gold banding.

These barstools are incredible.  See how they are made to fit together?
No more clinking stools!!

Moore Councill is known for its great accent pieces.  Love these cubes!

Perfect size ottoman/coffee table!

Great bench for a hallway, foyer or a bedroom.  

Great dining room table available in several finishes

Love this bar cabinet!  See how they have manequins dressed for display?

This piece would be fab under a flat screen but I do love the sketches of
Moore Councill furniture grouped above it as shown here.

Killer bookcase!  Would be fab behind a sofa or on a wall.

This little bench was one of my favorite pieces from last market.

This bookcase was actually style spotted by Kelly Kole!  Love that the top shelf is lighted.

 I adore these bunching coffee tables.  

Love the detail on this piece.  

Dining table in another color.

If there was a "like" button I would hit it now!  this piece is 

They also have a great selection of chests.  Here are a couple of styles

Lacquer was everywhere at market and Moore Councill was right on trend with this piece.

I told them I was going to call this table "Hollywood" because it is loaded with glamour! Marble top, gold and black base.  
Be still my heart!

These accent tables are fun and just the right size for between a
 pair of chairs.  The perfect little  "drinks table". 

This beauty was sporting a stained frame and painted inside..

Another favorite of mine!  Isn't the base beautiful on this piece?  They told me that a musician bought this piece and was going to line the drawers with piano music.  

 Lovely sofa table.  

Fabulous desk and not too big.  

 Another great coffee table with beautiful stone top and stained base.

Lots of chair options.  These is just a couple of styles.  Go to their website for more.

 I seriously need this!

Beautiful buffet with glass shelves and doors.  

I hope you enjoyed the show room tour at Moore Councill.  To see more
 of their beautiful furniture make sure to visit their website here!  
I think you will love what you find!  
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  1. Holy Crap! I LOVE pretty much every piece you pictured here. Feeling the need the head south and shop! But first I think I'll calm myself by painting the interior of my china cabinet tourquoise!

    1. Kami thank you for stopping by and commenting! That cabinet with the turq interior is pretty special isn't it?

  2. Congratulations Lisa! How many people can say that they have furniture named after them?!!! Good for you:)

    1. Thank You Brenda! Hope you are having a great day!

  3. I love the way they displayed the chairs! Have an amazing rest of the week Lisa!!


    1. Isn't that crazy cool!! TY sweetie!!

  4. of course they named something after you - you are a trendsetter! yippee! hey - those pink pendants are GORGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEOUS


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