Monday, August 6, 2012

"Morning After The Wedding Breakfast" & A Giveway!

Event: Morning After The Wedding Breakfast

Theme: Will & Karen Are Anchored!!

Venue: The Breezeway Restaurant
 Topsail Beach, NC

The Breezeway
If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself at Topsail Beach, be sure to dine at The Breezeway.  This restaurant serves traditionally prepared fresh seafood  and steaks daily!  Here is a video about the restaurant, owned by The Cherry Family. On this particular day, the restaurant was closed for our party!  The Cherrys were also hosting with us.  Not only did they help us unload our cars and decorate, but they prepared all the food for the event! It was delicious and beautiful presented meal.  It couldn't have been any better!  Everyone really enjoyed the food and the fellowship!

The Menu:
Sausage & Egg Casserole
Crab Casserole
Biscuits with
Homemade Apple Jelly
Fresh fruit
Assorted Sweet rolls
Coffee, water, soft drinks

 We also served Mimosas, we made ahead and put into acrylic containers for ease of servingThe mimosa recipe recommended 4 cups of orange juice per bottle of champagne, but we used 6 cups per bottle and I think it was perfect! 

Word of Advice:
Be warned mimosas aren't a big hit the "morning after"  because everyone is parched from the night before, bottle waters,coffee and soft drinks were in higher demand!  If you do a breakfast the morning of the wedding, mimosas are a bigger hit!

Pretty Lucy served the Mimosas!

Now for the decorations:

Remember my assistant, Lily and the
 canvas she painted for the bride and groom's gift?

 Lily added a free hand butterfly at the end freehand! Of course she used her artistic license wisely!!!  the colors were perfect!

Also, remember the canvas I painted? I showed it to you when it was in progress?  Well, I did get it finished! whew!

Here is how the art looked on the entrance table
once it was completed.  We added shells, some
greenery, netting and a buoy!  

Our napkins tied with colorful raffia and a lifesaver which continues with the boating theme:


Remember the fishing net?  It became the table runner for the head table, after I made it a light grey by soaking it in paint mixed with water, remember?

Head table with netting, shells and flowers

Close up view:

How "anchored" banner was made: precut wooden letters from Michael's were painted with pool blue craft paint!  Cut out a triangle for each letter of foam paper then the painted letters were hot glued to the foam paper.  Orange paper was glued on the back of the triangle to add a little contrast color along the edge to make the colors  pops. Then holes were punched on the top edge and yellow ribbon was tied on through the holes.  This is how the triangle was attach to the rope. This helped the letters hang evenly once the rope was suspended. 

Remember the buoys?  If not, click here to be reminded, what they looked like before I painted them like this:

 Rope was threaded through the buoys and then the buoys were strung together.  They were tossed  
on either end of the anchored banner: 

Voila, our "anchored banner" complete!

 Now for the flowers:

My mother is a whiz at flower arrangements, actually she is a whiz at everything.  I grew up under the tuteledge of "Maggie" the original Martha Stewart!
She gathered all conch shells and created these arrangements to go along with our theme:

 The arrangements have pittosporum and palm greenery from mom's yard, accented with a fuji mum.  First she put soaks small blocks of oasis about 2" in diameter overnight, then put the oasis in the shell and puts the flowers stems into the oasis. She says the key to using the shell is to make sure the shell is positioned so the water doesn't drain out of the shell. 

Our neighbor Jenny made the arrangements below. for another party held for the wedding couple and she allowed us to borrow them for our event as well.  Here are a few of the arrangements, Jenny made which we dispersed through out the tables with the shell arrangements.  Jenny said that she first saw this idea done at the Biltmore in Asheville,NC.  There they had used larger vases with lemons in the base instead of sand and shells.  Being the creative kind of person she is, Jenny decided the shells and sand were more appropriate for a wedding at the beach! The key to making these arrangements with the succulents was to use a piece of plastic wrap which was draped over the mouth of the vase and taped.  The ribbon is added to disguise the plastic and tape.  Then dirt can be added inside the plastic wrap and the succulent can be planted.  Once the succulent is planted spanish moss is added to cover it.  You can put whatever you want in the bottom of vase. The shells and sand in the bottom of these vases was gathered off of our beach! How clever is that!  It's no wonder that Jenny is mother to Sam Barnett Evans, the Jewelry designer I feature on my Fabulous Friends on Friday a couple of weeks ago, here! It is obvious creativity runs in that family!  Not to mention that Jenny is a fabulous cook! (She is giving me cooking lessons this week!  I plan to share my lesson with Jenny with you also!) Thank you so much Jenny!!!!  Aren't these adorable?

 Lastly, Mom made this arrangement of coral flowers for the head table in this seashell!  We all thought the roses were so perfect they looked like paper! Word to the wise...make sure you always make the table arrangements low enough that people can talk over them.  Also, always make sure they are the right width for the table.  

 The guest were very happy as you can tell
 by the photos!

A great time was had by all!

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  1. I love everything you and your family did. Actually Lily gets the biggest raves!! She will take after her Aunt and be a world famous Designer for sure!!! Your Mom's work is beautiful. That centerpiece is gorgeous!!
    Great, great time.....thank you so much Lisa for sharing your family with us.

  2. I love the theme! everything looked so beautiful. And I have been voting daily for you on Olioboard!

    Also I've nominated you for a blog award. Check it out here...

    1. Oh Wow! Thank You so Much!!! I will go check it out!!!! Thanks for the votes!!!!!! You are the best!

  3. So many great details, Lisa! Lily's painting is so heartwarming and personal. The banner is adorable, florals perfectly themed. Silly me--I think my favorite is the simple Lifesaver on the silverware!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank You Lyvonne! Also thanks for voting for me daily! I really appreciate your support!


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