Sunday, August 5, 2012

Great Giveaway!!!!! What's Up For The Week!

You have to read through to get to my

GIVEAWAY!!! ....

Today is the last day on the beach, before we
pack up and head home but before I join everyone 
on the beach I wanted to let you know what
was in store for the week on the blog.
Remember my assistant, Lily?
 (aka my niece)

Lily and I are going to share our secrets for creating the perfect "Breakfast The Morning After The Wedding".  Here is a photo of work in progress.

We will share how to make some awesome arrangements.

As well as my visit to the shell lady and what I am going to make with these...

I have been so busy asking for votes for my High Point Style Spotter Contest Entry sponsored by Olioboard!!!  Plz don't forget to vote for me!!!!! Currently, I am leading, but I am sure someone will come out of nowhere and wax my lead.  That's why it's really important I get your support NOW!  

You can vote daily until Aug. 22!!! 

Not sure how to vote?

Here are the easy steps:
1) go to Olioboard by clicking here!!!
2) If you don't have an Olioboard acct. you will 
be asked to make one by creating a user 
name and password! then login in with those!
3)Click on the logo that looks like this:
Click Here To Link In
4) Find my board that looks like this:
Lisa Mende Design ~ Aqua Delight
Lisa Mende Design -Aqua Delight
5) Under the pic & on the right is a heart with a +
in it! Click on it and the + will become a checkmark
 to show your vote went through!
6) This automatically enters you in my giveaways!!!!

7) However, if you are not a "Join" on my blog
you need to also do that!  I realize that many of
you follow by Google Reader, and other ways
but I want to see who you are, so plz "join"
it doesn't change how you read, just shows me your pretty mug!  It's funny when I see that I only have 156+ "joins" when I actually have several
thousand readers daily.  So help me feel a little better about that "join" button, ok?

8) Leave a comment & then go vote!

9) Big thank you from my <3

10) GIVEAWAY!!!!

In return, I am having a fabulous giveaway!!! Thanks to my fab friend Patricia Van Esche of PVE Design we will be giving away this awesome artfully illustrated personal monogram in your colors/flowers/type etc.  
PVE Design

Also this fab handblown votive holder by glassybaby! valued at $44.  This isn't your average candleholder. Not only is it beautiful but the part of the proceeds of the sales go to people fighting cancer and need financial help! I will be doing a complete post about founder Lee Rhodes and her company once we choose a winner!  If you are curious and can't wait for that post, click here to find out why this company is so special!  I'm sure you will be honored to own one after reading about Lee's story!

Watch The Video Here About glassybaby
 I want to thank my friend Meredith, for asking me to guest post aboutOlioboard today on her fab blog, Meredith in Miami!  Please pop over and show Meredith some love!  If you don't understand Olioboard, hopefully this will help!  Make sure you read Meredith's blog on other days too.  She is a really interesting writer and visits some awesome places in and around Miami.  Lots of insider info! Thanks Meredith!

Also please find me at the following:

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  1. Lily is precious. Can't wait to read all the secrets.
    Safe trip, voting, voting. Figured out how to do it on the phone too.

    1. Thanks Patty! Guess it is time to do a post since it is almost 2 and I have played on Olioboard all morning instead of working!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment today Lisa - Hope you reach the "impossible" (well, not so impossible actually) ... it looks VERY possible! - and you have my vote!
    xo Sherri

    1. Thank You Sherri! I meant it! and i appreciate your vote! My competition is gaining on me!

  3. You are indeed in the lead!! Way to go.....will keep voting. Lily is so cute :-)

    1. Thanks Loi! I appreciate your support! Jenn keeps coming back strong though! I have to stay on my toes! Thank so much!


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