Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Apology To Readers Of Lisa Mende Design Blog

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Hiller Mende, I am the Vice President of Marketing and
Communications for Lisa Mende Design.  (also her 14 yr old son)
My mom wants to let everyone know that she is currently
fighting a bout of double pneumonia and will not be blogging
until she feels better.  Thanks for understanding!
If you need to get in touch with Mrs. Mende (aka My mom)
please email her at  I am checking her
emails, Facebook and Twitter while she is away! 
Thanks for understanding!  I promise she will be back!

~ Hiller
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  1. Hiller, will you consider coming to work for me instead? :) Tell your mom I hope she feels much better soon! I've been worried about her since I saw the post on FB.

  2. Please Please get better ASAP. We all miss you already. Hiller you are a great son! Any Mom would be proud to have you!!!
    Let's get everyone out there to continue the Olioboard voting........

  3. Hiller, I got to say, you have some beautiful blue eyes. Hope your Mom is feeling better soon. You have a great job and a great Mom!

  4. Hiller, you rock as VP of "all" for your mom! Tell her we hope she feels better and we'll continue to vote for her on Olioboard daily! hugs!

  5. oh my good lord, Lisa, I hope you feel better ASAP. double pneumonia is no joke!! Im so sorry. sounds like you're in good hands over there.

  6. That is so sweet of Hiller. Best wishes Lisa for feeling better soon. If there's anything we can do for you, let us know. Im still voting for you!
    xo Nancy

  7. What a cutie Hiller is!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  8. Feel Better, Lisa! M.

  9. Hiller..your Mom's blog seems in very competent hands...I hope she feels better very soon!

  10. Thank you Hiller for taking such good care of your Mom!! Make certain she gets the rest she needs ... we need her as the next style spotter!!

  11. Oh...I am so sorry to hear that. Thinking of all of you.

  12. Hey Hiller -
    Thanks for the update. I'm so sorry to hear the news :-( I hope Lisa feels better soon. You take care of her!

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  14. Hello Hiller,
    Please convey my best to your boss and may she reward you with the best of health and maybe a double order of your favorite dessert. I do admire families that work together.

  15. Wish I had a handsome marketing guy like you! Hope your Mom feels better real soon :)


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