Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do You Wanna Win? I Wanna Win & I Need You!

Why would you vote for me for 

It's Simple....

1)   INSIDER INFO!!! I'm a Veteran!  I know the High Point Market like the back of my hand!   I have been going to market since 1998!  I know where all the goodies are!  If I win the contest, you are going to feel like you went to market with me! I plan to blog about all those fab places you need to know about! There are so many!!!!  I know exactly where to look for the new trends!  You will be the first to know too!!!

2) I'll Party Like a Rock Star!!!! You can count on me to be at the High Point Market daily, as I live within driving distance!!!  I promise to blog about all the parties, etc.  I'm good at rubbing elbows and I'll take you along with Instagram & Twitter!  There are always so many great parties!!!!

3) I'll be a Great Student!  I'll attend all the Fabulous Lectures and Share the Info with You!! Yes, that's right...you will hear all the tidbits of advice  from well known authorities in the field of design, marketing, social media and much more!

 I am so excited about the series below:

4) In Good Company with the other "Style Spotters" since two on the current panel are buddies of mine!  Of course two more of my buddies are in the running with me for the 9th spot! We have joked and said that instead of having a 9th Style Spotter, they should consider letting the three of us be the
 "Style Spotter Trio" and just spread the love! 

5) I truly want to Win!!!! 

Ok, did i convince you to go vote for Me?  If not, scroll down and hopefully, the Fabulous Giveaways will!!!  Keep Reading and voting because the pot might get sweeter as the contest progresses!!!!

Please don't forget to vote !!!!! 

But first, before voting, have you joined
my blog? If not, you first need to click the "Join" button there on the right side of my blog!  Do You see it? I realize that many of you follow by Google Reader, and other ways but, I want to see who you are, so plz "join" it doesn't change how you read, just shows me your pretty mug!  It's funny when I see that I only have 159+ "joins" when I actually have several thousand readers daily.  So help me feel a little better about that "Join" button, ok?

Next You Are Ready To Vote!!!! 

Vote Once Daily until Aug. 22!!! 

Not sure how to vote?

Here is a Step by Step Guide:

1) Go to Olioboard by clicking here!!!

2) If you don't have an Olioboard acct. you will 

be asked to make one, by creating a user 
name and password! then login in!

3) Once you are logged in, find the logo that looks like this and click on it to go to the contest:

4) Next, find my board that looks like this:

Lisa Mende Design ~ Aqua Delight

5) Under the pic & to the right is a heart with a "+"
(plus sign) in it! Click on it and the "+" will become a checkmark to show your vote was recorded!

6) This automatically enters you in my giveaways!!!!

7) Leave a comment when you vote!

9) Big thank you from my <3



 I am having a fabulous giveaway!!!  Anyone who votes and registers on my blog will be entered in the contest! Each day when you vote you will receive another entry in the contest for the giveaways!!!!
Thanks to my fab friend Patricia Van Esche of PVE Design we will be giving away this awesome artfully illustrated watercolor personal monogram in your colors/flowers/type etc. This monogram can be used on stationary, hand towels and many other places!
You get to pick your favorite flower or animal, the colors, shape and the type style so it is customized just for you!

Please Visit Patricia's Etsy Shop

This is what one of the finished designs looks like!

The next giveaway is this fabulous handblown votive holder by glassybaby! valued at $44.  This isn't your average candleholder. Not only is it beautiful, but the part of the proceeds of the sales go to people fighting cancer who need financial help! I will be doing a post about founder Lee Rhodes and her company once we choose a winner!  If you are curious and can't wait for that post, click here to find out why this company is so special!  I'm sure you will be honored to own a glassybaby, after reading about Lee's story!  They make fab gifts!


Also please find me at the following:
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  1. Just voted for you!!! Hope to see you in High Point AND ALT Summit!


    1. Thanks Cristin!!! I am so excited! Can't wait to see u in High Point and at Alt Summit!!! Got a room today at the American! How lucky am I!!!!

  2. Hi Lisa! I like this option: "they should consider letting the three of us be the
    "Style Spotter Trio" and just spread the love!" Then they should add a +1 so I could follow you all around!

    I thought google was doing away w/the Friend Connect? That's why I never used that feature. But maybe not so I did now.

    Have a great night!

    Lyvonne (the essentials inside)

    1. Don't you think that is a great idea? haha!!!! thanks Lyvonne!

  3. I voted for you again friend- crossing my fingers you win!!

    1. Thank You so much Linda! Today will tell the tale in some ways because my competition is being featured in an online publications that is tweeted to 17,000. ppl!

  4. Just voted again...not knowing what anyone else has...it looks like you sure have a big number now!

    1. Thank YOu Sherry!!! I truly appreciate it! There are 13 voting days left so more than we have had already, so it is still anyone's game. All my voters could get sick of voting and quit! The others may up their game and move ahead but hey, it's been fun.

  5. Love your board and adore you sweet Lisa! I just voted and I cannot believe that I wasn't subscribed to your Google Connect or Facebook, so I did that too! I guess I have been keeping up with you by checking in regularly and on Pinterest! I really hope you win and you can bet that I will be voting daily! Cheers!

    1. Cyndy! Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to me!!!!

  6. Another vote from me! You are still in the lead....let's keep it that way.

  7. Hey Lisa! I have voted for you lots! I tried to join your blog but when I click on that feature it doesn't do anything :( I would love to be entered in the drawings but not sure how to join. Hope you win!!!


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