Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quilt Love....

  Quilts have long been considered works of art, so why not make it the focal point of your bedroom? Here are examples of ways to create a unique bedroom by using quilts in place of a headboard. Do you have one hiding in your linen closet that you would like to display?

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 This beautifully embroidered black and gold quilt anchors the bed and 
gives the room a focal point as well as a coziness 
that a wooden or iron bed could not achieve.   

This suzani quilt adds a playful nature to the room.  I can picture this in a guest room of a 
mountain house or in a child's room.

Here is an interesting way to hang a quilt without damaging it...

Very clean, fresh look that could be created with a family heirloom quilt.
To hang a quilt this way, Click Here

While we are on the subject of quilts, I would like to share with you the story of 
Joanna Rose of New York City.  Upon approaching her 80th birthday, her husband
 asked her what she wanted and she replied " something I've never seen and a gift to 
New York City".  She had been an "accumulator", not a collector she so aptly put it, of
 red and white  quilts since the 1950's.  She wanted to see her quilts displayed in one place.  
When asked how many she had,  she said "oh, probably about 70".   
Once the quilts were counted the total was 651!  The only place she thought  
she could display  them all was the armory.  Here are some photos below of the exhibit. 


 Read here for the complete story in the New York Times

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