Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Create a family drop zones easily and inexpensively....

One of the common questions I get from clients and friends is how to organize
the family's drop zone and keep it looking neat, yet accessible.  
Here are a couple of options I thought worked well without breaking the bank...

Coastal living
The perfect drop zone at the back door, this functional area
 was created in what most would call dead space.
The addition of a shelf for shoes and a cornice for hanging outerwear
  thwart off any child's comment of "there isn't anywhere to put this".  
The cornice has the dual function of holding straw baskets for
extra things that might otherwise create chaos.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. traditional entry

Drop zone created under stairs in space that would typically be unused.
A more expensive idea but anyone with basic carpentry skills could build this.

Here is a contemporary design with simple hooks and cubbies.  This design could
be created with a couple of boards and hooks from Lowes.  The cubbies
could be created by using something like the Expedit bookcase by Ikea
turned horizontally.

Available from the Container store, this Wendel Shelving, hooks, baskets, boot tray work together to
create a workable yet inexpensive entry way for a family.

Anyone can create the much needed "drop zone" for a family.  You first have 
to identify what the needs of family are, what space to create the zone in and then
 the pieces need to create the desired area.  Remember it doesn't have to be custom to work. 
Look in your attic or around your house and find pieces of furniture that
you can repurpose to be used for this area.  Everyone has items that can be used, just be creative in making your area work for you! After you have completed your
new drop zone, you won't know how you ever lived without it!

If you already have a drop zone, look it over...
Does it need some attention?  Perhaps reorganizing because
 your family's needs have changed?
A few pieces like the ones I found below may help....

Campaign bench with storage baskets from Serena and Lily  $375.00
Choose from several fabrics for the seat cushion.

The "Colton Trunks" from Pottery Barn offer hidden storage and are available in three sizes.
They range in price from $39.00 - $179

The cubby organizer from Pottery Barn is another great way to give everyone in the family their own little space and still have room for the ingoing and outgoing mail!  $129

Vintage lockers available in many colors and combinations from Twenty Gauge

Love this guy from The Land of Nod to add a little humor.  Not just for the kids, but how great would he be to hold your bills to mail or reports from school...  $30

Be creative, make it fun and your kids will follow suit!  Before you know it, you will
have everyone in the house organized!
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  1. Great topic Lisa!!! You should see our drop zone ~ yikes!! It needs your help :)



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