Monday, May 9, 2011


"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live"
-Flora Whittemore

I need to work on my front door.  It's that time
of year for a sprucing up....

Front doors are very important in Feng Shui.  
It is through the front door that your house
gathers "good chi" or universal energy.  

Thinking about painting my front door a color.... 

Our Front Door......
(I'm waiting to plant the petunias til I decide so here they sit by the planters...)

Since my house faces south, according to Feng Shui, 
I should paint my house a fire color like red, orange,
 strong pink or purple, I  can also choose a wood
 element color like green or brown since wood  feeds fire.
Below is my front door ...What do you think?  
Keep it the same or change......

Here are my options....

Door #1

House Beautiful

Wanted to paint it red but my neighbor beat me to the punch... 
Oh well, I would have used a darker red than this...
Is it still an option?

Door #2

House Beautiful

Not sure the neighbors or hubby would vote for this?

Door #3

House Beautiful

Love this color?  Folly Green by Farrow & Ball is a close match.

Would look great decorated at Christmas...

Door #4

Martha Stewart

Repaint it white like it was when I moved in the house?

So what do you think?  Change the color or just refresh the black?  

The main reason I want a different door color is that my neighbor 

moved in and painted their house exactly the same color as ours!  

  Now when someone is coming to my house they say,

   "which cream house is yours?"   I would like to be able to say 

the one with the beautiful bright _________door!

plus I am ready to plan those petunias!

Will let you know what I decide.  Pictures coming....

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  1. This is great, I'm going to pin you for later. I love those pretty doors, simply beautiful doors!

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