Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to Apple I go.....

My computer is feeling a little under the weather so I have to take it to Dr. Apple today.
I am really going to be lost til I get him back!  (Wiping away the tears)
My life will feel so empty without him!  Hopefully, he will back and good as new in a few...
Until we return, I felt I must share an issue that keeps popping up up in my head.
The royal wedding is old news but...
Just cannot get this image out of my mind.  
It's proof that one mistake can cost you big!!!!

Philip Treacy designed hats for 36 people for the royal wedding, but which ones
have received press and why?

You guessed it!  The two that were the worst! 
 In our world, you are only has good as your worst design, 
so you'd better think twice when you put yourself out there...

Facebook has had fun with this.....

all photos courtesy 

This last picture kinda sums it up!  

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