Monday, November 2, 2015

John Richard Collection - High Point Market October 2015

One of the most exciting places I visited during High Point Market was the showroom of the John Richard Collection.  I have bought John Richard for clients for many years, and I must say the showroom has never looked better. 

The theme though out was one of organic glamour. Semi precious stones, geodes, and selenite were found in almost every room.     I don't want to bore you with redundant chattering about the excellent qualities of each piece. Instead, I would rather let you linger over the some of the photographs I took of accessories in the showroom, which I feel speak for themselves.  

Beautiful natural geode chandelier.

Japanese inspired pendants.

John Richard never disappoints when it comes to offering unusual accessories, lighting and furniture, but this time the objects were more unusual, organic and fresh.    As I strolled through the showroom with my Sales Representative, Bill Hinson, I delightfully surprised at the new direction the company had taken.  I felt as thought I was touring through a museum of fine art.  When I asked Bill about it, he said John Richard had hired Mark McDowell a couple of years ago, and most of what I was admiring were his work.  Upon further inquiry, I found out Mark was in the showroom and John Richard, PR, Sarah Parker Young had arranged for me to have lunch with Mark.  

 Mark McDowell is an award-winning designer with a wide range of skills and disciplines that include product design, illustration, architectural design, painting, and sculpture.  His Japanese heritage, along with his childhood rearing in the Ozark Mountains has influenced Mark's work greatly.  He looks to nature and the simplicity of the Japanese for his inspiration for his work.  When asked how he designs, this is what Mark replied:

"I think about the silhouettes and the details to support the silhouette.  I always start with a purpose first, then scale and functions."  It is obvious to me that Mark exercises thoughtful design

Courtney Lake of Monogram Decor, Arianne Bellizaire of Inspired to Style and Sarah Parker Young, PR for John Richard and I had a lovely lunch with Mark and his wife while in the showroom.    Mark is a remarkable designer and all around great guy.  Courtney, Arianne and I were so fascinated by Mark's stories of where he finds inspiration.  I teased Mark's wife that she should be happy that Mark and I don't leave down the block from one another because if we did, I'm sure we would be big buddies. 

People often ask me why I go to High Point Market twice a year.   It is opportunities like meeting the designer of a line in person, that drives me to market each season.  To meet the designer behind the designs and talk with them about their inspirations is a priceless opportunity.  It makes me better at selling the products to my clients. 

I cannot wait to see what Mark unveils at John Richard's for April market.  He has already designed the collection, and it is being produced as I type.  John Richard will definitely be on my market itinerary next April.  

These pieces were style spotted during High Point Market:

Sunna Mirror style spotted by Jonathan Legate

Red Dahlia Barcabinet style spotted by Patti Johnson

Agate cocktail table style spotted by Kati Curtis

Beautiful recyled glass art by Mary Hong style spotted by Courtney Lake.

John Richard was a sponsor of Lisa Mende Design at High Point October Market.  All opinions are my own.  I only agree to sponsorship with companies I feel are of value to my readers. 
niture collections for John-Richard.

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  2. Lisa, I have worked with John-Richard and they carry some of my art. I had no idea that they also had such gorgeous accessories.


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