Monday, November 9, 2015

10 Favorite Throw Pillows To Spruce Up Your Sofa - Instant Gratification

Room Design by Palmer Weiss
The quickest way to refresh and add new life to a room is by
 changing out the pillows and accessories.  When I am designing a room from the ground up, I have my workroom custom make pillows but if I have a job with a quick turn around I often am looking for ready made resources to fill the bill.  Here are some of my favorite quick find pillow sources to add a designer "wow" factor to your room.

Things to think about when grouping pillows together:  

1) Pay attention to scale - You will want to mix various sized pillows.  Typically the largest pillow is 20"x 20" with smaller pillows added such as 18" x 18" and 16" x 16" 
2) Pattern - Typically there is one dominate pattern with secondary patterns mixed in.  Choose something really large and then something really small with a medium pattern in between.
3) Texture - Always add pillows with texture to create interest. Velvets, metallics, furs and embroideries can add so much to the overall affect.
4) Organic prints - often a pillow which is multi-colored with lots of color or movement is a good choice to act as an anchor to the design. It can be a pattern found in nature or something with flowing lines.
5) Geometric pattern - this pillow can act as a balance to the organic print.  It could be grids, lines, or repetitive patterns such as stars or crosses.  

1. Kravet Linen with Grosgrain ribbon trim and welt $100
Choose your linen and grosgrain colors
Les Touches by Brunschwig & Fils

2. Scalamandre Tigre Pillows Starting at $225

3. Scalamandre Chiang Mai Dragon 18 x 18 $130 each

I like this pillow in the 18 x 18 size so it can sit in front of another pillow
and the pattern can be seen.
4. Kelly Weartsler Channels in Periwinkle
This pillow is great in a 20 x 20 size and works well with
 so many other patterns. 

5. Betwixt Pillow in Indigo
This pillow comes in several colors and makes a great
 pillow to group with other pillows.  I generally make this pillow 20 x 20 for a sofa or  18 x 18 size for a chair.

6.Ombre Faux Fur
Priced at only $39 these are great for adding texture.  I also love this Faux fur seal grey pillow for the same reason.

7.Mongolian Lamb Fur in Velvet Ink
This pillow in velvet ink is so soft and adds great texture as well.  It also comes in Rosette in a 24 x 24 which is the most beautiful shade of pink

8. 20 x 20 Velvet Pillows $44.95
These 20 x 20 velvet pillows are available in eight colors for only $44.95. You can choose from down or down alternative fillers.  Velvet is another great texture to add to your pillow wardrobe for the window months.

Embroidered Pillow
Looking for novelty pillows?  This ready made pillow is a great option.  Only $79.95 for a 23 x 23 size.

Embroidered Elephant Pillow

How fun is this elephant pillow?  Sometimes you just need a "wow" pillow and this is one of those type of pillows.  I always look to Crate and Barrel, CB2 or other fun resources for these type of pillows.  Often these pillows are trendy so finding them from resources at a price are important because you may tire of them quickly and if you paid under a hundred dollars, you don't mind tossing them when you are over the fad. 

I hope I gave you some options to consider.  Toss a few on
 your sofa and spruce up your house for the holidays.  Just don't take things too seriously!  After all, it is just pillows!


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  1. So many great pillows - we love the Greek key pillow - have it in straw, and anything betwixt...perfection! Happy Monday!

  2. I somehow stumbled upon this post via Pinterest tonight. Had no idea you had featured the Les Touches pillow from my shop. Thanks so much! Several of the pillow fabrics you selected in this post are still very popular in my shop and other fellow pillow shops today!


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