Monday, May 4, 2015

Great Gifts for Mom!

Ciate nail polish from Nordstrom $15
Are you looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for the special Mom in your life?  I put together a few of my favorites to give you a little help.  One gift I would love to receive would be a mani/pedi at my favorite nail salon.  Don't want to give Mom a gift card?  Prefer to present her with a gift to unwrap?  I'm sure she would be impressed if you took the kids to pick out a color polish they would like to give mom.  Of course, Dad can render a little guidance, but with today's fun colors, the kids can have a say and Mom won't be too disappointed.  Wrap up the polish along with the gift certificate to her favorite salon.  If Mom isn't into having her nails done, I've included a few other excellent options she might like.  The color du jour is pink in shades ranging from blush, nude to the brightest fuschia.  I know I would love to have those nude color Chloe pumps.  Hint, hint...

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  1. I'm a Charlotte gal, and I'd love to know your favorite nail salon. Always looking for a good one!

    1. Hello Clara, It depends on where I am when I need them done. If I am at my studio I go downstairs to Ballantyne Nail Spa in Providence Plaza, (its not in Ballantyne!) if I am at home I go to Elegant Nails on Colony or Avalon at the mall. (Avalon keeps mall hours so they are open til 9pm which is nice) All are good.


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