Thursday, April 23, 2015

Check Out Julie Lopez Shoes

I have a special treat for you today!  I'm sharing one of my favorite finds at High Point Market! 

 Julie Lopez shoes!

Julie lives just outside of Charlotte, so she is a home-time girl!  How I have not discovered this  line before is a mystery to me.  This shoe line isn't just another shoe line; this line is all about comfort without sacrificing style.  I wore my first pair of Julie Lopez shoes all day at High Point market on Thursday, and my feet never hurt!  If you have shopped High Point market, you can vouch for me when I say I spent the days there walking all day.

I'm not the only one who loves Julie Lopez shoes.  Oprah does too.  This line made "The O List"  last year! 

 What sets these shoes apart from the rest of the pack?  
Let me explain the construction of these shoes to you. These shoes are Italian made and designed with all-day-F.I.T. or "all-day flex innovation technology".  You seriously can wear them all day and be comfortable.  Here's why!

A combination of side vents and elastane- backed leather enable the foot to breathe and the vamp to stretch in problem areas.In all of the 3” and 4” heel designs, Texon padding is added in the forefoot region to maximize comfort and ensure shock absorption capabilities.Shoe construction provides a slightly wider toe box that allows the foot to remain in a more natural position that minimizes stress and thereby decreases pain.
Special attention is given to the vamp of the shoe to help eliminate pressure and seaming over potential problem areas.
Premium Italian leathers are hand-selected for all components of the footwear to provide the best combination of flexibility and support.
Non-slip pads positioned on the sole of the shoe  allows for better traction on slippery surfaces.

 Wondering who the mastermind is that designed these shoes.... 

Meet Julie and learn more about our shoes here

 Let's look at these fabulous shoe styles!

I only shared a small taste of all the goodness over on Julie Lopez's website!  Pop over and check out more styles and colors here!  If you decide to order a pair, make sure to read the copy to see if you should move up a size because that's what I had to do in one of the styles.  Whatever you do shop, cause you will thank me!

Get Social with Julie Lopez: 

I'm having a Julie Lopez shoe showing at the studio soon if you would like to on the email invitation list, send an email to me at

If you want to know which celebrity designers bought my instagram account to find out!
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All photography credited to Julie Lopez's website
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  1. Off to check out her site Lisa, thank you so so much for the recommendation!!
    Comfort AND good looks is so important to me!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. you had me at wore all day and no pain. holla! its the holy grail of shoes. and they are so chic. thanks for the introduction :)


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