Saturday, May 30, 2015

Great Gifts For Dad from Warby Parker!

Want to give Dad a cool gift for Father's Day?  

If you haven't gotten a gift for Dad, I have a fun idea for you to consider.  Are you familiar with Warby Parker glasses?  Warby Parker makes quality glasses for a fraction of the price most designer glass manufacturers charge for the same quality. 

Warby Parker offers so many great styles it can be daunting to choose one pair.  Pictured are a few of my favorites.  Which style glasses do you like? The glasses featured only a fraction of what they offer though. Make sure you visit their website to see all the complete collection for men and woman. (while buying for dad why not score a pair for yourself.)

Warby Parker makes glasses buying simple with their free home try-on program.  Just pick five frames and they will be shipped to you for free.  You have five days to try them out then choose your favorite and ship the trial pairs back for free.  The new glasses will ship to you asap! How special would Dad feel if you took the time to pick out five frames for him then let him pick his favorite.  It doesn't get any better than that! 
To read about the home try-on program click here.

Wanna know what else is cool about Warby Parker?  Their buy a pair, 
give a pair program.  Read about it here.  

I leave for New York on Wednesday for my #topsecret DXV project, while I'm in the big Apple perhaps I'll pop into the Warby Parker store and try on a few styles for myself!

Pop over to Warby Parker and order five great frames for your Dad for Father's Day.
He'll look super cool, and his eyes will thank you!

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