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Rush Limbaugh Neck tie

Ok, did you know that Rush Limbaugh created a tie line in the 90's?  Neither did I, but it has been a source of laughter in my household, since discovering this obscure fact.  If I had only known about these ties early enough, I think there might have been a few given as Valentine's Day gag gifts. I like to keep my blog upbeat and honorable, so I'll leave you to decide what you think about Rush, I'm not going there but his ties can speak for him I think!  Teehee!!    Holy Taco describes the one above as "what you see when you mix vicodin, oxycodone and vodka, while you're lost in a hedge maze."

(click to continue reading & see Rush Limbaugh's tie collection, I know you are dying to see it....)

  Click over to see the rest of the Rush Tie Collection, I dare you!, It's worth a laugh. These bad ties reminded me of how details can make or break the look of a finished product, especially in interior design.  I don't care how handsome  an Armani suit is, putting an ugly tie with it can take a Hugh Jackman moment into a Carrot Top moment in a nanosecond.  The same concept applies to cabinets as well.  If you put cheap hardware on beautiful cabinets all you see is the ugly hardware.   It just plain dumbs down the entire look. The opposite can be true as well.  You can take plain, simple cabinets and make they look dynamite by choosing killer hardware.  I can't tell you how many times I have worn jeans with a Target tee shirt and topped with a great piece of jewelry and a designer scarf and gotten compliments. Details matter folks.     So how do you make sure you don't miss the boat on choosing the right hardware?  1) Hire me 2) choose a "top drawer" hardware company like Top Knobs

Top Knobs Ad Campaign

Top Knobs was one of our first stops during our KBIS visit.
I love their new ad campaign which is exactly in line with how I feel about hardware.  It is precious jewelry for your kitchen, bath and anywhere you need hardware to dress your cabinets for looks or functionality.

Credit Chasen West Photography 
Veronika Miller's look in this photo describes the general consensus of our BlogTour Vegas group's reaction during our  visit to the Top knobs at KBIS

 "So many options, so little time to source them all."
Yes, it was true! There were ooohhhs and ahhhs all around.
Top Knobs has some real beauties.

Chasen West Photography
  As a hardware loving designer, Top knobs makes me want to run into the streets, yelling at the top of my lungs, "Hey who has ugly hardware that needs replacing"? The only thing that is keeping me from doing that is my fear that people would confirm my "crazy".  I can't help myself though, when I find something I love I want to shout it from the rooftops.  I could call it "hardware rescue"  Somebody needs to do it.  I can't tell you the number of times I've seen nice cabinets ruined by the application of either ugly or cheap hardware.   

Chasen West Photography
Did I just make you afraid to pick your next hardware alone?
(She snickers secretly to herself)  Well, look at these beauties, don't they scream "sleek and sexy with a come hither look?  I'll bet you wish you could touch it right now don't you?  If I've finally got your attention and you are dying for more of this goodness, look below!

Credit TopKnobs

I mean really!!!  Admit it,you just pinned this one to your Pinterest Hardware board right? Well, I can't blame you cause it's definitely on my Pinterest Hardware board!  It's part of the Chareau Collection which was unveiled at the show and it's available in four finishes.  Top Knobs also launched six new series of cabinet hardware under the new Mercer Collection as shown below:

1.  Mercer Collection - Quilted Series offers depth and textural dimension that creates visual interest. The quilted pattern is a design chameleon that can feel traditional or contemporary, crafted or sleek, high end or homey. The Quilted Series uses geometric shaping to create focal interest while maintaining a clean, modern line.  It takes its cue from a well known quilted handbag.

2. Mercer Collection - Glacier Series offers luxurious stature and powerful performance with European styling for contemporary spaces. The series is inspired by awesome landmarks with ergonomic geometry and details that elevates the classic minimal. Inspired by the icy glaciers 

.Mercer Collection - Tango Series offers sleek arching design lets you see through to the cabinetry beneath and just as the buckle fashion accessory that inspired the look, Tango elegantly pulls everything together. Tango’s every edge inside and out was polished to perfection to enhance both the beauty of the design and the cabinetry underneath. Inspired by the beauty and sensuous movement of tango dancers.

4. Mercer Collection - Oculus Series features a strong circular shape and clean lines. The rounded bases for the pulls and tops for the knobs add strength and performance. Shapes are set off with smooth geometric arches for pulls and bases for knobs. Inspired by the Oculus at the Pantheon in Rome

5. Mercer Collection - Holland Series of shapely and sophisticated pulls reveal a closed bud at each end, reminiscent of a tulip at the moment before it bursts forth with color. The Holland series offers an elegant feminine touch to give it both status and warmth. Inspired by the Tulips of Holland.

6. Mercer Collection - Europa Series have a subtle minimal design that lets the cabinetry stand out while offering a stunning access point. Available in 5 finishes, they are beautifully styled with hand polished details that give the designer something new to play with in this classic design genre.  Inspired by the classic modern European design by the Bauhaus designers.

Which is your favorite? Personally, I'm about to hyperventilate over the quilted series.  I can't wait to use it in a project!   

Chasen West Photography
Top Knobs wasn't new to me.  I have been sourcing their products for years, but seeing their collections together in one place was mind boggling.  They have over 2500 pulls and knobs for kitchens, six collections for bath, as well as closet knobs and handle pulls.  Each piece is hand finished and hand polished. Top Knobs closet knobs have a lifetime warranty.  
Chasen West Photography
Growing up in the south, I was raised hearing little "words of wisdom" from my elders like  "You get what you pay for", which translates into "if you buy good quality it lasts".  I think that saying made me a believer in buying the best quality you can afford, it always pays off in the long run. I always direct my clients to buy top quality products like Top Knobs.  I mean if you buy quality you only cry once right?  It's worth it in the long run.  Don't get me wrong, Top Knobs has well priced hardware for the quality you get.  It's just I know you are tempted to buy the cheap stuff especially when you have to buy 40 knobs for a kitchen but don't do it.  You'll be sorry!  Get the good stuff, on products you use daily, it makes your daily life so much more enjoyable.  We all want an enjoyable daily life, right?

Top Knobs proves how important customer relations are to them.  Their President, Warren Ramsland, greeted us to shared the company vision with our group, then fed us a yummy breakfast and personally introduced us to the new collections on our visit with Top Knobs at KBIS!   Talk about the royal treatment!  Top Knobs is top drawer in everyway!
Credit TopKnobs

Can you see happy designers and smiles?  It was a fun day filled with beautiful products.  I picked out several collections for upcoming projects.

 If I haven't convinced you to buy Top Knobs may be their 10 Ten Reasons You should buy Top Knobs can.  Read here.

Tip:  Did you know that you can go online to Top knobs and order up to 3 samples at no charge for the sample?  All you pay is $5 for shipping and handling per sample.  When shopping for several areas of your home this is a great way to get 3 knobs for your project as well as actually see the products in your home.  And to make the deal sweeter, TopKnobs will give you a $5 discount coupon for each sample you order, redeemable at your local participating Top Knobs Dealer.  (if you order more than one sample, the others must be different style numbers) Each $5 coupon can be used on a order of $50 or more.  To read the complete details click here.


Here's a bonus tip for anyone replacing old hardware, get a "Measure Pro Hardware Installation Kit" to aid you with your hardware installation.  All you need is the right hardware,
 a drill and patience.

Designers if you have already signed up to be on Topknobs Design Board do so today here.  As a member of the Design Board you will be the first to know about new products and may even get to test drive some of the new options.

Thank you, Top Knobs for being a sponsor of Modenus Blogtour Vegas.  We enjoyed our time spent in your exhibit and our delicious breakfast.  

Follow Top Knobs on social channels to keep up to dat on their latest introductions:

(Top Knobs was a sponsor of my trip with Blogtour Vegas but the opinions in this post are strictly my own and were not influenced by Top Knobs. ) 

Photography by Chasen West Photography, Top Knobs and Lisa Mende Design if not noted.
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    1. That is awesome! Thanks Mary Ann for stopping by! Have a great Saturday!

  2. All of my kitchen, butler's pantry and family room hardware is from Top Knobs. Such a great line and looks like many new styles since we bought ours almost two years ago!

    1. Well I know you have great taste Susie so no doubt you would choose Top Knobs!!! Hope you are staying warm!! oxox

  3. Lisa, great blog about Top Knobs I can't wait to order my samples of the crystal and diamond pulls thank you for all the terrific information and the top notch photos xo

    1. Cool Pamela, you will love them. The photographer for many of these was Chasen West, isn't he fab! Love his work. He is a friend of Veronika's daughter, Sarah and the nicest young man. Lucky to have him on board for blogtourVegas


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