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Warning!  Be prepared to be wowed!  This is not your Mother's Formica!
  This is an entirely new product. You must remove any preconceived opinions 
you have about Formica  and be open to what you about to see.
  First, lets see how much you know about countertop products already. 

Take my little quiz below:  

Is this quartz,concrete or one of each?

What kind of granite is this?

What kind of marble is this?

What kind of wood is this?

Is this concrete or stonestone?

Is this petrified wood, quartz or stone?

Is this soapstone or granite?

Is this travertine or quartz?

What if I told you they are all Formica laminates?
Would you believe me?  These products have the look of natural stone, wood, concrete and soapstone with the easy care and affordability only Formica products offer. 

One of the reasons Formica products look so much like natural stone, wood and the other organic surfaces is because of Formica's new  IdealEdge™, which is a decorative laminate edge that has the ability to be curved, clipped or 90 degree corner installations.   The old Formica products had flat edges and brown seams.  This new edge is a game changer. The new  IdealEdge™ is available in two  versatile profiles just like natural stone fabrication - Ogee and Bullnose.  This new edge makes it virtually impossible to tell if the stone is real or laminate without touching the products.  If it looks like stone, but wears like laminate and cost like laminate, which would you prefer?

  Trends reports from residential homeowner's surveyed are revealing that more and more homeowners are getting away from natural stone and looking for alternatives.  Formica offers a perfect solution to the homeowner who wants another option, but still likes the high end look of natural, stone,soapstone,concrete or wood. 

At KBIS in February, Formica Corporation unveiled four exotic granite patterns to its already best selling 180fx® Collection.   Our Modenus Blogtour Vegas group had the opportunity  to see these exciting new patterns for the first time.  Take a peek at these amazing new patterns:

River Gold 180fx

3546-46 River Gold in Etchings™ Finish was quite simply stunning.  I watched while our group was introduced to this product and the first thing everyone did was touch it.  I don't think we could actually believe it wasn't granite.  This pattern is creamy-white with linear beings of gold and gray highlighted by chocolate-brown crystals.   River Gold in natural stone has been one of the most sought after granites so this was a natural choice for Formica to replicate.  The The Etchings™
  finish enhances the “river-like” quality of the pattern with its light linear movement.

Chasen West Photography
Lapidus Brown 180fx

3547-RD Lapidus Brown in Radiance® Finish: A versatile and timeless granite that features vibrant gold tones and rich iron veining highlighted by creamy white crystals and gray and black pebbles. Its rich color palette will coordinate with a variety of cabinetry, from light golden maples to cherry to antique black. The Radiance® finish highlights the crystalline structure. 

Formica 180fx Lapidus Brown Debuted at 2014 KBIS.

Magma Black 180fx

3548-RD Magma Black in Radiance® Finish: A dramatic stone that lives up to its name, each slab appears as if liquid lava has been poured over it. Rivers of gold, gray and rust ― highlighted by pure white crystals ― create a bold pattern. The Radiance® finish deepens the black background and accents the pebbles and crystals.

Formica 180fx Magma Black debuted at 2014 KBIS.

The depth of the edge can be custom chosen, which
 makes room for so many options like this nice 
thick edge pictured.
Red Dragon 180fx

3549-RD Red Dragon in Radiance® FinishAn 
exotic and alluring rich red with dramatic veining and
 gray crystals. The Radiance® finish intensifies the color
 and complements the crystalline structure. 

 In addition to unmatched aesthetics and performance,
 all 180fx® patterns are designed to minimize environmental impact. Each pattern is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and the GREENGUARD Certification Program (including a GREENGUARD Certificate of Compliance Gold).

Chasen West Photography
 Have you ever wondered how Formica 180fx laminate is made?  It's quite advanced digital replication technology which for the first time allows a pattern to be applied over 5 feet of printing material.   That allows for a long continuous pattern, without seams and repeats which greatly mimics the look of an naturally organic product. 

 Formica purchases the most expensive products available to digitally photograph in order to achieve the beautiful Formica products they offer?  The piece of wood used as a model for the new Black Walnut Timber laminate cost over $12,000.00 alone?  So basically, when you purchase Formica products you are getting the look of $12,000.00 product in your house for approx. $21. a sq ft.  The best part is you don't have to treat it like it cost a fortune.  It's easy to maintain with minimal care.  No resealing or polishing required. That's what I call getting bang for your buck!

 Amy GathVice President of Marketing, led our group through an overview of how the laminate is manufactured and also what Formica's goals when creating the products.  
This is what she said:
 “Although granite continues to be popular, homeowners are expanding their material preferences to include new stone variations. Our latest laminate patterns are fresh, affordable and maintenance-free alternatives, making design trends available for all.”

There were 7 other new pattern launches as well with  Premiumfx™  finishes. These patterns were created to meet the demand of the three main trends found in the residential market which are Soft Stones, White Stones and Non-Traditional Materials. 

The three trends along with Formica's new products produced to meet those needs are listed below. 
Make sure to click on the hyperlink to view :

1. Soft Stones - featuring subtle veining and lyrical movement down the length of the surface
#6699-46  Sand Flow
#6700 - 46  Lava

2. Exotic large scale alternatives - these stones are commonly used for kitchen backslashes, countertops and islands.
 (white marble with gray veining)

( Light gray based neutral with
 taupe and beige undertones.)

 Like wood, concrete and engineered stone.
Paloma Series

Also on display was a Formica countertop with an undercount sink.  This was done in partnership with KarranUSA. For more details on that visit Formica's blog here.   If you are in still undecided about laminate make sure to go look at this undermount sink and read about how it was achieve. It was stunning!  

Here are some other Formica products that I
 fell in love with at KBIS. 

 It is really beautiful.  Look at the grain of this wood.

Black Walnut Timber

Chasen West Photography

Travertine Silver


Solid surface in Sparkle White

#8838 Ashen Ribbonwood 

#863 Myriad Ribbonwood

If you are into color and need something bright for a project check these out fun colors from their 100th Anniversary last year on their Pinterest board here!

So now that you have seen the products, I ask you?
Formica offers amazing products for a fraction of the cost with ease of care and long time beauty.  Will you consider Formica for your next project?

Visit the Formica website and pick out your favorites by
click here then report back to me what your favorite it and if you are surprised at what you found!  

I'll bet you will have a hard time choosing just one!

  Formica products are available through national home centers, such as Lowe’s Home Improvement and The Home Depot, as well as independent kitchen and bath retailers. Customers can search by zip code or city on Click Where To Buy Here to find their nearest retail location.

Chasen West Photography

Thank You Laura Phillips, Amy Gant and our friends at Formica for our informative visit to your booth at KBIS.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with generous BlogTour sponsor, Formica. Founded in 1913, Formica is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative surfacing products for commercial and residential applications. 

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    1. Nancy, it is fabulous! The first picture is actual product at the show and the one not he right looks like concrete. The one on the left is just a beautiful white. The others were equally as dynamic. Formica has really reinvented themselves. They have really thought of the homeowners with these products.

  3. I am with you, Lisa, on this product as I could not believe it was Formica when seeing it with my own eyes at the KBIS in Vegas. Great post..even greater meeting you!

    1. Thank you Mitzi! It was great to finally meet you as well! oxox

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