Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dear Walker Zanger....Will You Be My Valentine?

Photography by Chasen West Photography

Dear Walker Zanger,

I know we have known each other for a quite long time, but I have a secret I have never shared with you!  I am actually madly in love with you!  There I said it!  Yes, it is true! 
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Photography by Chasen West Photography
 Each time I visit your showroom my heart skips a beat!  This time in Las Vegas with Modenus Blogtour was no different.   My hands got clammy, my heart was fluttering and I actually think I was stuttering...

I'm kinda thinking you feel the same way about me?  After all, you wined and dined me....

Even gave me beautiful gifts!

So allow me to count the ways I love thee....

Greek Key, Herringbone and diamond patterns in
 black and white marble

Fabulous Geometrics

You know how much I love geometrics so you wooed
 me with even more...

And if that wasn't enough you send me on a scavenger hunt through the showroom because you know how much I 
L-O-V-E it when a suitor plays hard to get...DYING!!!!

Then you had that handsome Jared Becker talk to me explaining how he designs and markets your marvelous he a wonder or what?
oohhh lala!  Be still my heart!

Photography by Chasen West Photography
Then you took me out back to your warehouse and showed me your stash!!!

Photography by Chasen West Photography
You knew I would do anything to see all that fabulous stone in one place and of course I did.  

Photography by Chasen West Photography
After you wooed me with your natural stone you took a step further and pulled out your "Chivary blue"  you know I have a weakness for blue!  

Ok, so if all that wasn't enough..You pulled out all the stops by showing me your "not yet released designs", yes you did, you KNOW WHAT THAT DOES TO A DESIGNER!!!!!

Just think of Sally in "When Harry Met Sally" remember the restaurant scene?  Well I feel the same way, only I'm not faking it!  

I think I'm seeing fireworks....

Actually it might be stars...handsome black, brown and marble stars...

Our hearts are forever linked by these new patterns...

Walker Zanger I love you so much I'll even settle for any of your fabulous love(patterns).

Ok, so now I'm trying to calm down a bit but it is really,
really hard because you are so dang sexy! 

But in my heart...I'm still feeling the fire...

Will you be my Valentine?

Love, Lisa oxoxox

P.S.  All kidding aside I did fall in love with the new tile collections Walker Zanger shared with us in Vegas for Modenus Blogtour.  Amazing patterns and colors.  Grey is still big in tiles but Walker Zanger had plenty of grey options as well as tons of other color options!  If you want to have the prettiest tile in town, Walker Zanger has plenty of options.  

Which is your favorite?  

If you would information about any of the tile shown,
 shoot me an email at

Walker Zanger was a sponsor of Modenus Blogtour Vegas.   If you don't have Walker Zanger Tile in your house, don't walk, run to the nearest Walker Zanger Showroom (or call me) and pick your fav!  If this post hasn't made you realize that you need some Walker Zanger goodness in your life, you might need glasses. 

(All kidding aside, Walker Zanger has beautiful tile!  Not only does Walker Zanger have beautiful tile, granite etc but they also have the best customer service in the industry.   

(Photography credits to Chasen West Photography where noted otherwise property of Lisa Mende Design )
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  1. You are hilarious!!!! This was so funny!!! LOVE their new patterns. Wish we could put one of their floors in that bathroom!?!!!!!

  2. Hilarious!!! They do have fab tile....and I can only imagine how spectacular it (or he!) was in person. Real nice!!! So is he going to be your valentine? Or is he blushing big time?? :-)

  3. So glad you loved the event. We love spoiling our clients as much as they spoil us. You'll have to make sure to be at the next event here at the Charlotte showroom.......or better yet....the new SLAB SHOWROOM!!


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