Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pre-Show Prep at "Adamsleigh" Show House

This is the view of the front yard at "Adamsleigh" when I arrived at the show house on Tuesday!  Currey and Co, is one of the industry partners in the house.  Their shipment  had arrived in full bounty and was waiting on the front lawn for sorting and delivery to the appropriate designer room.  Bethanne Matari, Head of PR for Currey & Co went out of her way to make sure everyone got what they needed.   

  There weren't many designers around, mostly just workers and boxes
 getting ready awaiting the "big" install next week. 

 I decided to take a couple of minutes and check on the progress of everyone's rooms.  It's so much fun to see the house in the stages of transforming from it's sleepy state to one of life and action.   I  took this picture of the stairwell to show you the iron gates which were installed for protection after the LIndbergh baby was kidnapped.  This prompted me to mosey up to the third floor to check out the walk in attic I've been hearing so much about.   It is the storage for anything removed from the rooms during the tour.  All items we removed must be   returned to their original spot once the show house is over.  The attic did not disappoint!  It was as huge as I had been hearing!  There were some interesting things up there which I will  share later in the post.

This is the awesome view of the nautilus stairway looking down from the third floor to the first floor.  That is a fountain you see at the base of the stairs.  

My new buddy Jason Nixon Oliver and John Loecke of Madcap Cottage are designing the breakfast room.  I found their rug properly marked and waiting its turn for installation.  Their room looks amazing!!  It has killer Thibaut wallpaper!!!  They kept the original paint color for all the millwork which you will love!  (By the way, they have a new pillow line coming out at High Point Market, which is going to be fab!!!! Can't wait to share that with you very soon!!!)

Next on my stroll I wandered into the stately dining room.  The walls in this room are paneled and the ceiling is ornamental plaster.  Baker is doing this room so I know it will be fabulous.
Here is a glimpse of the intricate ceiling pattern.  

The fireplace in the room has beautiful inlay and carved wood.    

The library also has an ornamental plaster ceiling in a serpentine pattern and
beautiful millwork.

Take a gander at the beautiful mantle in the living room Miles Redd is designing with Century Furniture.  

This pretty much it for my tour around the house... I promised to share what I found when I was up in the attic so I will do that now!  Great's a real treasure!!!!  Traci and I have looked high and low, trying to find luggage for our show room closet.  Yep, you got it!  Major score!  Black crocodile luggage!  We don't know if it actually belonged to "Mr Hamp Adams" the original owner and the inspiration for our room, but it fits his closet shelf perfectly!  Of course it needs a lot of love before it will be ready to be placed in the closet, but what an awesome find!  The luggage looks custom made. The interior fabric of the luggage actually matches our room!  Can't wait to get it cleaned up to see what kind of shape the leather is in.  There is a tattered tag on one of the pieces that says Carolina and below that Pinehurst.  The end of the tag is torn off right after Carolina, but I'll bet if it were complete it would say 'Carolina Inn". If you come to the show house look for it in our gentleman's dressing room closet.  Also, if you have any tips on how to clean it, please pass them along!  I used leather cleaner but it keeps dulling!  I think I need some saddle soap. 

As for the progress in our room,  the arched doorway leading into the closet is now trimmed out with paint.  Originally all of the walls were lined with a wallpaper like liner which had to be removed.  Since our main paper has a pattern, we decided it was best not to wrap it around these rounded corners, so we came up with the idea to paint a 3" border around the door.  The wallpaper will meet the border and where the two come together, a decorative trim will be applied.   The wallpaper hangers finished hanging the wallpaper yesterday.  Thanks to Sarah and Ruby Studios in California who took our ideas and made them come to life.  If you want custom wallpaper or textiles, this team really knows their stuff.  Our wallpaper hanger said it was quality paper which makes hanging it a breeze.  

The final installation should be this Friday.  Fingers and toes crossed we get finished! As with all projects there have been a few glitches, but all in all, things have gone really well.  Thanks to the Junior League of Greensboro team who have gone out of their way to be helpful and supportive.  Special thanks to Lauren Tilley who answers our emails at warp speed, even though I am sure she receives a gazillion daily from all the people working on the house.  I'm off to meet Traci at the house to get our sink installed and lighting hung!

Mark your calendar and  make plans to attend!  

There is so much to see in this 15,000 square foot house built in 1930-1931.  The house is amazing empty, I can only imagine what it will be like once all the designers finish!  Only 17 days til the house opens.  Make sure to buy your tickets now, to avoid the rush.  The profit from the house goes to support the Junior League of Greensboro's charities. 

By the way, "Adamsleigh" will be featured in the July issue of Traditional Homes magazine.  Just think you have the opportunity to see in person now, what will be on the pages of the magazine in July!  

For more information visit the Junior League of Greensboro's Show House website here
or for updates and info visit their Facebook Page Here
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  1. That house already looks amazing just with the architectural details!! I know you and Traci are going to rock your space--can't wait to see more!

  2. Very interesting! I couldn't tear myself away from the photos!
    Look forward to seeing it finished- even if it is just in the magazine!
    *But it would be great to see it "in person"!

    Curtain Lady Design

  3. I can't wait to see it, sounds like it is going to be amazing !

  4. The amount of work that this takes and the amount of enthusiasm is so inspiring.
    I know it is going to be great.

  5. What a wonderful honor to be part of this project!
    Can't wait to see it.

  6. Lisa, If you have a tack shop near you, that would be the place to get saddle soap and then some leather conditioner. I'm sure someone there would have lots of helpful advice for you! A tack shop is where you buy stuff for horseback riding, saddles, bridles, boots,etc...I'm sure you knew that, but I thought I would clarify for you just in case. :)

    And you might find some fab accessories for your gentleman's lounge. Equestrian activities was more than likely part of Hamp's life, as any good uppercrust Southern gentleman would ride.

  7. I am so excited to see - it's going to be fabulous!!

  8. Great in-progress post on the showhouse Lisa! Look forward to visiting the house and your space during High Point!!


  9. This is very exciting, Lisa! I cannot wait to see pictures of the finished rooms. I wish I could visit in person. Great idea to paint a border around the door in your room.


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