Friday, April 19, 2013

Adamsleigh Show House Inspiration

Here is a little sneak peek of elements in our Junior League of Greensboro/Traditional Homes Show House Room which is scheduled to open tomorrow April 20th.  The inspiration for our design was the original homeowner himself, Mr John Hampton Adams.  Mr. Adams retained noted architect, Luther Lashmit to design his 15,000 sq ft home in 1929.  When Traci and I saw the original drawings we knew we wanted to create custom wallpaper from them.  We toyed with using design elements, and finally decided we liked the elevations tightly overlapping creating a modern twist on a toile effect pattern.  Our custom wallpaper designers, Sarah and Ruby Studios from California, worked fabulously with us in creating this custom feature.  It was the first time Traci and I had created custom wallpaper.  Sarah and Ruby really made our job pleasant.  We are so happy with the final results.  We decided rather than go with the current trend of oversized designs, we would pay homage to the fact this house is steeped with history and keep the designs traditional in nature so it is timeless. Our room is a mere 9' x 10' so we feel the scale is perfect for a small room.  We chose instead to have oversized bold horizontal stripes on the floor and a larger window pane Thibault wallpaper for the ceilings.  We then trimmed out the entire space with emerald green grosgrain ribbon and 1" nailheads. (Can't wait to share how we did that, since there are no tutorials currently online!)

Here is a close up of the wallpaper.  We chose graphite designs with a white background to keep the space crisp and graphic.  The room only has one window, so by keeping the wall background white, this keeps the room from being so dark.  

When Hamp Adams first moved to Greensboro and went to work at Millis Hoisery Company he produced 200 black hosiery/socks a day, hence "Adamsleigh" has the casual monicker "The Mansion that socks built", so Traci and I thought it would be fun to have custom wallpaper created for the closet!  We love the end product Sarah and Ruby created for us!
In keeping with our ode to Hamp Adams our room will remind you of all the finer details of a gentleman's fine bespoke suit!  Noted items in our room include a 1930's Art Deco Pendant valued at $45,000 from Modernaire, original owner's black crocodile luggage in the closet, beautiful Century Malachite Chest, Circa lighting, Christopher Spitzmiller lamps, CR Laine Chair, Restoration Hardware sink, Leontine Linens custom monogrammed in John Hampton Adams personal monogram, Thibault wallpaper, Kathryn McCoy accessories, C2 paint, and NDI arrangement.  We also have many take away ideas you can use in our own home!

We hope you will come to see the house!  Every room is fab!

Show House runs from April 20th - May 5th!

The Gala is tonight so I am off to get my hair and nails done!
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  1. Your wallpaper design is so inspired. I know the room is magnificent. Congrats to you and Traci! Have a wonderful time at the gala. I plan on going to visiting Adamsleigh next week.

  2. How I would love to take a weekend trip across the country to see this! I can't wait for more updates and pics from you! I have no doubt it is going to be fabulous!

  3. Love the cheeky sense of humor. You know as a child I always had socks drawn in my artwork, as one of seven children - you can only imagine the "sock graveyard" - Where do all the lost socks go?
    Wishing you tons of success with this show house and every endeavor. That wallpaper is so incredible.

  4. What an opportunity!
    Have fun! This is so grand!

  5. Loved this, Lisa. Shared on KDG's page.

  6. i wish i was local, i'd be there in a hot second! can't wait to see your room! I know it will be fantabulous!!!!

  7. Lisa, I am excited to see what you created. I am sure you had fun throughout thve process and are receiving great recognition for your work as I write this.


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