Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wanna See My Christmas Decorations?

Just kidding...Actually, this is a door done by Twins Design
from Houston, Texas.  Founded by twin sisters, Regina and Janet Gust, this pair have been decorating Houston since 1989. Click over and check out their beautiful decorations.  Very inspirational!  There is so much to see.  It is definitely worth a gander!  They decorate for all the major  holidays and even offer workshops to teach you how to make your own wreath,garland or swag.  They also make custom decorations for the trade if a designer wants a special design for a client.  . There is a retail store at 5005 Larkin St that offers semi-custom designs if you live in the area and want to pop in. 

As much as I am dreaming that the Twins are coming today to put the Christmas mojo on my house, it's just little ole me...

Here is the progress so far(or lack there of, I should add)....

  My husband was dying to get the tree in the house last night,
 so I said "you do it"... so he did....

He pulled out the box of lights and only one strand was 
working.  So voila!  Guess I will be going to buy more
today which doesn't leave much time for blogging. 

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