Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is Almost Here...

I promised to share a little of what is going on at our house this Christmas so here goes...

Typically our house is bright red, green with all colors mixed in, but this year things are a little different. I have red and green in some rooms but decided to do blues and greens with silver in my foyer and dining room.  Here's a little peek...

Here is the front stairwell...

Please ignore by blah carpet, it is finally going bye bye!
My children old enough, it's finally ok to get what I want.

Bye, bye carpet, you are being replaced by this new runner...

Indochine in seagrass by Stark

or may be this runner...

David Hicks Wye in chocolate


may be even this..
Fiorentina by Prestige Mills

uhmmm....or Honeycomb 


The jury is still out on this, so decisions will be
made in January, stay tuned for the runner dilemma.

Back to the garland....

  I added feathers, silver beads, a silver leaf garland,ribbon and pine cones to the fir greenery garland.  I like to weave everything together and use lots of ribbon.

The art on the wall was done by a Chapel Hill artist.  The stairwell is pretty monotone.  All black and whites on linen matts.  The color is on the opposite of the room room.  I will show you that another day, let's just keep you in suspense...

My favorite decoration is this nativity.  I have had it for
years.  The children like to play with the animals.
It is usually the first thing I put out for the holidays after all
it is all about Jesus's birthday right?  
This is the main attraction at our house.  

These aren't Christmas decorations, but I love all the colors of my Chinese calligraphy brushes  The one on the left is made of carved bone, there are a couple of agate, some jade, and coral.  I got them when I was on my mission trip in China in July.  They remind me of some really special children and the friends I made on my trip.  I guess you can say they qualify for Christmas because they touch  my heart!  I love Maria's Big House of Hope and my China girls!

More another day, now I'm off to finish my shopping...
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