Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tieks by Gavrieli

A little package just arrived in the mail for me....
tikes by Gavrieli are my fav new shoes!

 Tieks come in a beautiful box just perfect for gift giving which
is even better since I didn't have to wrap my own box!

The box has a pretty flower on top!

 Folded inside is a little black bag which is included to put  your heels in once you change into your comfy tieks.  Also included  pant clips to shorten your pants once you trade down to shorter shoes..  


They know sure how to make a girl happy!

Here's the bag for the heels fluffed out...

Tah-da!  Here are the ones I chose!  Several readers have
emailed and asked which ones I here is your answer,
it was the electric snake!  Can we say L-O-V-E!!!  So comfy!!!  
I typically wear a 7 1/2 so I decided to go up to an 8.  They are perfect, swollen feet and all thank you very much!

I officially addicted!  Now to decide what my next color will be....
Make sure you check out tieks today and I highly suggest buying several pairs because you will be totally addicted like me
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  1. So cute! This is the first time of heard of Tieks and I love them. How could you not with such cute packaging. I may have to help myself to a little Christmas gift of my own this year :).

  2. Love these and the best idea ever...thrilled to find and follow your blog!


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