Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Party with Pom Poms!!

There is a recent love affair going on with paper pom poms that I think is really fun!
They are all over Pinterest and the blog world.  You can follow Martha Stewart's how-to's and make your own or buy them from Etsy stores.  It's an easy way to add panache and color to your next party, shower, wedding or child's room!  Check them out!

There are several stores selling pom poms on Esty here is one I liked because of all the colors!  Aren't these fun!  Can't you just imagine having them at your next party?
Check here to buy from Pomtastic!

Here are some fun bright ones from Createitgirl on Esty as well.  
Love them hung over a table!  Makes any function special!  
Check them out Here!

Love the way Pomstyle on Etsy used these to create flowers on branches for a wedding...

I normally don't repost other bloggers content but this was so good I couldn't resist!
Kristen Kral of 6th Street Design School  posted this awesome bridal shower  this morning with a paper lanterns.  She used a peacock theme which is very "in vogue" right now.   Boy did she do an awesome job!   My post was just about paper lanterns/pom poms but this shower was so creative I wanted to share every detail.   I always enjoy seeing what she will post from day to day.   Kristen got Createitgirl to make tissue paper lanterns to hang over her table.

Here are the invitations created by Kristen.  Even the flap on the envelope reminds me of peacock spreading his wings.
courtesy of 6th Street Design School

Check out these adorable napkins.  If you go to her blog, she tells you where to buy them.

She even made these cute peacock feather ornaments by sticking a peacock inside of a glass Christmas ornament!

This was one of my favorite ideas! How simple, yet so colorful!
She made the table runner by punching out different colored paper dots!
I love the color combinations she chose, you can tell she has an eye for color!

Last but not least, these awesome paper lanterns!  See what I mean?
Really packs a punch of color doesn't it?

I especially like the way everything implies peacocks without an in your face peacock design!
Absolute perfection don't you think?

Make sure you check out Kristin's blog, you will like it! 

More pom pom love below.....

Kid's rooms...


Big,  pop of color...
How to Here

 The party girl in me wishes she was going to this  luncheon...

There are a million ways I can think of to use these fabulous paper creations!
If you want to try to make some yourself, click here for details!  These aren't exactly
like the ones above but you can improvise and create your own shapes and sizes!
After all, they are handmade, so anything goes!  Have fun, get your kids involved!
I think you will have as much fun making them as you will enjoying them at your party!

Enjoy!  Life is the party you create and you only live once!

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