Friday, September 16, 2011


My fellow blogger, Emily Clark of Emily Clark Design posted a new bedding resource
this morning and guess what!  It looks almost like my Ann Gish Bedding
at a fraction of the price!  Of course it isn't silk but then who cares right?
Actually, my husband would say "hurray, it's not silk"!  He hates our silk bedding.
(I make him put a blanket on it if he wants to lie down on top of the spread to watch tv)
I know... I am "mean", but what's a girl to do?

Here is my bedding, from Ann Gish....

Ann Gish

Here is the look alike from Jill Sorenson of LiveLikeYou...
Available in orange, black, navy and turquoise.  Much better priced than mine...
don't tell my hubby....

Jill Sorenson
Check it out here!   Her blog is pretty cool too!
Thanks Emily for the info!
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  1. Oh, Emily and Jill in one post! Adore them both...oh, and the bedding! Janell


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