Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Absence of Color....

I have always been a self proclaimed lover of color!
The brighter the better!  However, I am feeling a tugging on my heartstrings
every time I witness true beauty in the absence of color.  To see  objects
without the distraction of color, brings a new prospective to form and 
composition.  Here are some examples of how beauty is created through
shape and texture without strong color.

Could anything be more beautiful than this vase of white roses
beside the sterling framed baby picture and silver salt seller?


The black leather straps on these baskets bring out the black
in the painting and link the items of totally different composition together
creating a harmonious vignette in this hallway.

This foyer is a good example of how light effects the neutral palette.  Here we have shades of white against a two toned herringbone stained floor.  Texture takes center stage without color stealing its thunder, through the combination of the glass, wood, and linen.  The strong shape of the lampshades as well as the dark and light tones of the herringbone in the floor, becomes important in bringing balance to the vignette.

All natural, this garden setting is a great example of how neutral items
work together to create an interesting composition.  The little bits of green
peeking out from the vases and reflected in the mirror, do add a little
color, but the interest here is in the combination of wood, stone and iron.
Without lots of color, you see the round and curvy shapes balanced 
by the horizontal shutters in the background.   

I love the way your eyes are drawn to the art in this hallway.
You actually feel as though you interrupted this man
and his work.  The lack of color brings the viewer into the
painting, bringing prominence to the work.

Here is one of the best examples of how the objects create 
compositions when color is taken out of the equation.
In this situation, it brings calmness and order to the bedroom.

Thanks to  Tracery Interiors and  Velvet and Linen for
great examples of using neutrals to create beautiful spaces.  

What is your style?  What makes your heart sing?  
Do you prefer neutrals or color in decorating?  

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